what would you do?

jacqui broderick

I've got three horses - two youngsters who are just being broken in a the moment and one old mare. This autumn I'm probably going to move to London for 2 years.

Quandry is - what to do with the youngsters. My old mare will probably stay here with my daughter - as could the youngsters, but I'd prefer to get them out into the world, working and being turned into sensible riding horses. 

I may see if I can find someone to use my yard foc in exchange for mucking out/feeding the older mare. 

But what to do with the youngsters? I don't want to sell them - they've nothing done and are worth very little, but would cost me a lot to replace. 

I'd ideally like to find good, sensible rider/s who would take them on for a couple of years - and am happy to pay towards their keep, but am not going to be in a position to pay much more than a token amount. Is this achievable? Or a crazy dream? Any thoughts welcome...!

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