Pushing with Seat? Confused A Little


Hi Lorraine. It's me. That pesky Marie. Loved the post this week on your blog as it also sort of relates to my question. This could be something I'm not grasping or something I will improve on over time but the whole "push with seat" concept is not exactly clear to me. I mentioned this in my most recent blog but thought I'd ask the hay net community as a whole and get some expertees on the matter. 


What I currently think the push with seat means, for example going into canter, sit tall and evenly in the saddle, move lower leg back and squeeze with heels, as roll hips forward and push down with the [warning, anatomic descriptive word coming up], pubic bone. Am I missing something or getting this concept confused? Will my push with seat just increase with time and now I'm doing core strengthening exercises? Is there anything else I could do to improve this or another way of thinking about it? Apparently my leg squeezes would have probably got a canter today but he wasn't for cantering due to the mud pool we're calling a field right now. So slightly confused. Please help?


Crazy, sight impaired, loony horse enthusiast but terrible rider, AKA Marie :)

PS. also confused on how to push on with seat during rising trot. any tips?

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