My full name is Theresa Warner but unless I am competing I am known as Teri, I am a registered Accredited professional coach with the BHS, I am also a trainee dressage judge with BD and have a diploma in equine psychology.

I love teaching riders of all levels and most of my teaching is done in the riding school at which I have been based for nearly 20 years. I like to try and juggle everything as us horsey girls do, I am a keen eventer although injury to either myself or my horse has seen us side-lined from competing for a couple of seasons , I am hoping to turn things around in 2017 and make it my year…. and all this is balanced around playing mum to my 5 year old son” 


Loving Farm Life by Teri Warner

The last few months have been a complete whirlwind, full of ups and downs.


We moved into Merrywood Farm at the beginning of the year, the plan was to help the owners of the farm to develop a thriving livery yard and training centre. The process of building any business up from scratch is tough enough, but our challenge was to build the new yard too. The owners of the farm have worked tirelessly to build stables, create a yard and re fence the paddocks, and all this alongside running a thriving business of their own on the farm.


Merrywood Farm is home to a lovely selection of Gloucester old spot pigs, these are organically reared on the farm. It has been an amazing experience to witness and learn about the farming process and we have had the pleasure of watching the birth of my first litter of piglets just the other day. 


I have also had the opportunity to help raise four orphaned lambs, this has been a dream of mine and I often have to pinch myself when bottle feeding them.


Despite loving the farm life, I am also delighted to announce that my lovely horse Alex has come back into work really well, he looks fantastic and although only time will tell, I plan to enjoy every moment I get to work with him.We have welcomed our first liveries onto the farm, everyone has settled in really well and despite suffering some set backs with our arena build we have erected a temporary grass arena with dressage boards and hopefully the weather will help us keep the ground perfect for them.


I can't wait to build up a great base for practicing coaching and training, I have so many great ideas and hope that my dressage judge training can be developed further too. 

I have had my fair share of rotten luck over the last few years but despite it being hard work at the moment, I do feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to spend my working days at such a magical place.


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It's Good To Be Different by Teri Warner

I have been reading lots of blogs with great interest recently, some are updates and some offer knowledge or ideas. I thought I would share something with you that I have discovered recently, I hear a lot of people discussing dark thoughts, anxiety and beating themselves up over their achievements. I must admit I have never been a top-level rider, I always hoped to be and have always looked up to the very best riders. I always hoped that one day I would make it to the top, and I am sure I am not alone.


 When I had my son, I was determined to get back in the saddle very quickly, maybe too quickly, I didn’t want to fall behind or have others think I had failed in some way, I was told by so many that once I had a child I would give up, I was hell bent on proving them wrong… I did prove them wrong but as I look back I often wish I had maybe just enjoyed that special time a little more! I too have suffered these dark thoughts, the idea that I am not as good as everybody else and occasionally why do I bother.


In December 2015 I injured my back, had a large bulge in my disk, it crushed the nerves and although painful it also cut off the feeling in my left leg… It was scary! I was told not to ride, not that I was very good anyway, and no yard work at all. This sparked off another bout of dark thoughts, starting a non horsey job for the first time since leaving school, having to sell the horses and facing at least a year out of the saddle… I had failed and was now wondering if I would ever get back to normal.


Now I am well over a year on, and as I have shared with you before I am well on the way back to a life with horse’s full time again.


I guess what I wanted to share with you is, everybody is different, we all earn a different wage, have a different amount of spare time, own a horse with different personality. I have been chasing acceptance and with every qualification or accreditation I thought self confidence would come, everybody has their own struggle and not everybody is living the life they post on Facebook. Just because you see a positive post on social media doesn't mean they were not nervous in the morning or stressed out the night before.


I was once told, believe in yourself and others will believe in you too… If your 10 year old self could see you now, I am sure they would be very proud.


I currently am having great fun playing with all shapes and size of horse and pony, I love problem solving and helping riders to understand their horses and work together the best I can, I hope that my new yard will be a friendly, supportive and positive place for horses and riders to grow.


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Having My Own Livery Yard Despite Hoof Setbacks by Teri Warner

How does everyone stay motivated during the winter? Especially with a horse now on box rest…

I find social media so tough sometimes, it’s great seeing everyone so happy and enjoying life so much but I think it is very important to remember people generally only post their good days online! I want to share with you the rubbish as well as the amazing, when I last blogged I had just got back from a long visit with the vet, Alex had ended up with a nasty infection in his frog and this had been cut away by the vet. This treatment enabled us to get to the nasties and clean it all up. This was a great idea as whilst nerve blocked and sedated he happily allowed the vet to dig and scrub his precious feet, however my lovely horse is a bit of a pig with his back feet and despite my best efforts of bribes he still tried to kill me every time I ventured near to those sore feet.

We are now a few weeks in (after another visit Christmas eve and another course of antibiotics) and with the recent horrible weather I can’t even take him out for walks, despite being 21 years old he seemed to have turned wild again, I don’t think anyone told him he is a sensible old man that should be putting his feet up in semi-retirement.

To keep myself ticking over I have tried to book myself into as many judge training and demonstrations that I can get too, I find these important to keep your ideas fresh and make sure as a coach I don’t go stale, I find it tough when I am not riding myself. I also have a daily mental struggle asking myself exactly what I want to focus on when I get back to riding, anyone else change their mind daily between dressage diva or having another crack at eventing? I am sure once I am riding again and have more horses to ride the path with form itself for me… what will be, will be!

It may be hard time of year but it is certainly not all doom and gloom for me… I am actually feeling quite upbeat believe it or not!! I have the very exciting news to announce that not only will this blog be following the pathway back to full fitness and competing, but it will now also now follow the pathway to me opening my very own livery and training yard.

The yard is currently a very successful organic pig farm, they are building us our own brand new stable blocks, putting in a gorgeous new school and to top it all we have lots of gorgeous paddocks and a farm ride to enjoy as well. I will be moving my own horses in at the end of January and then the fun of showing people round and getting names down will begin…Exciting times!


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Two Steps Forward, One Hoof Back by Teri Warner

Hello everyone and welcome to another blog and update. It has been a busy month and I have so much to discuss and talk about… 


I am very excited to say that as well as being up to my armpits in Christmas giveaways with work, I am also in the process of helping to set up a brand-new livery and training yard, when I say set up, I mean from scratch… we have picked out the stables we would like, mapped out where each stable block will go, the school location has been decided and the fencing and car park is well underway. 


This has obviously been an exciting challenge and one that has been so important to keeping my state of mind healthy. I think as someone who has worked outside and with horses my whole life, having the change of lifestyle can make you feel very low. I have struggled mentally, beating myself up on a regular basis when I read everyone’s successful Facebook posts… but I think if I have learnt one thing it is that not everyone is as happy as they tell you they are on Facebook!! For anyone who has suffered like me, I fully recommend getting out to watch clinics and Demo’s, this has been fantastic... it keeps your ideas fresh and your imagination active!


We are hoping that we will be able to move our boys into the yard shortly after new year, however with nearly 20 acres to play with and only two horses we thought it would be lovely to take on two rescue ponies. I have a very keen interest in training horses and have taken an equine psychology diploma, so what better way to put into practice what I have learnt than by helping the rescue ponies. I really hope by the next blog I will be able to properly introduce you to the ponies and you will be able to follow their progress and how we work together, we must take part in a home check and make sure that the home will be suitable for their needs.


Recently I have been continuing with my own fitness as much as I can, I suffered a slight set back when I decided to unload a delivery of shavings and realized soon after I was not quite ready… However, as I write this I am very concerned about my poor Alex, he came in from the field very lame yesterday and we quickly realised when he laid down (which he never does) that something was wrong. The vet was called and it appears that an infection has crept into the cleft of his frog and eaten its way up, from the outside the frog was clean and because he suffers all year round with terrible feet we are always spraying them and picking them out… but we couldn’t have seen how deep this was getting… we now must wait and see how bad the infection is and hope we have caught it in time!! 


I knew it was all going too well…


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Getting Back To It! by Teri Warner

The last year has been full of ups and downs, typical life with horses really. I have worked for the same riding school for nearly 20 years, I have owned my horse Alexsander for 14 years and competed him happily at grassroots BE for 10 years… you could say I am creature of habit, I don’t really like change!

 Unfortunately everything had to change for me a year ago, my work was going well and I had just taken on an exciting new horse on loan, things were looking positive. I started to get a bit of pain in my back, which is quite normal, being nearly 6ft tall I suffer with back pain a lot. I went along to have a sports massage and try to get back on track but the pain kept getting worse and the cramps became un bearable to the point where I could not get out of bed one morning... Off I went to the doctor and he referred me straight to the hospital where I eventually had an MRI scan, this process took about 10 weeks, so in this time I had been trying to continue my work and my riding, I even managed to struggle through an elementary dressage test. The pain that I had in my back had moved into leg cramps and this then turned to numbness, before long I had very little feeling in my left foot and lower leg. The MRI scan showed that I had a large spinal disk bulge and this had compressed the nerves to my left leg, essentially cutting off the power to it! I was strongly advised not to ride or do any manual work or heavy lifting… hmm this left me in a bit of a pickle!

 I was extremely lucky to be offered an amazing job working from home and I was able to rest my back. The hardest thing I had to do was make the decision to sell my young horse and return my loan horse to his owners, both horses had not long arrived with me and this was a tough a decision but with the possibility of a year off riding it had to be done.

 My gorgeous horse Alex and I found a small yard close to my home, I rent this with my friends and we have a lovely quiet set up in the middle of some amazing hacking, this has been my happy place, I should mention that Alex had to be retired from competing as he had severe tendonitis and the vet had recommended he have at least a year off, so we made a good pair!
 Alex had been looking sound and on my birthday this year I decided to climb aboard and go for a short walk, it felt so amazing… like being home! but I knew I still had a long time until we were back up and running, I decided to have Alex’s legs scanned the week after I had been signed of from my physio, much to our amazement he looked as good as he possibly could, there is still some scar tissue but no holes or tears to be seen…..

 So now we start our journey back to fitness together and I hope we can keep you all updated every step of the way…. 


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