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30 November,2017

Made in the UK by Bequestrian

Hi, it’s Sarah at Bequestrian again here.

For lots of our clients having their products and services based in the UK is a real selling point for their brand and values of their company. Giving away promotional products that are made in the UK helps enforce this.

Our clients are often surprised with the range of promotional products on offer which are manufactured in the UK. The products on offer work really well in the equine market as they are useful products which will be kept by the recipient and used again and again on any yard. This ensures maximum exposure of the companies branding which is particularly important to lots of the companies that we speak to as competition is often high.

Here’s a few ideas for promotional products which are manufactured in the UK….

Equine Weigh Tapes – these can be printed in full colour so look really good with photos or full colour imagery printed on. They have a large printable area which is really good for brands with a particular campaign that they are pushing. We have recently supplied these for feed and pharmaceutical companies. They are also available with retail packaging so could be used as a resellable product for the retail environment.

Hoof picks – our plastic hoof picks are manufactured in the UK. They are a really popular item for lots of our clients as a giveaway product as they are low cost. They are available in a large variety of colours and we can even produce a bespoke pantone matched plastic colour. For some of our clients, their brand colour is really important so this helps ensure that their marketing material reflects their brand guidelines.

Feed Scoop and Feed Stirrers – these items are particularly popular with feed companies. They are useful and when given to a horse owner they will be kept and used every day as they are so useful. As with the hoof picks these items are available in a large range of plastic colours. The companies logo and details can be printed onto the items or relief moulded into the plastic. The relief moulding gives a unique finish and ensures that the branding is long lasting and hard wearing, which is particularly important if the products are being used every day.

Air Fresheners – are a popular low cost item with a wide variety of equine companies looking to promote their brand. They can be cut to shape and printed in full colour. Let’s face it, the equine world can be a little smelly so a fragranced air freshener for the car or yard is often a well received giveaway! Air fresheners are also ideal for mailing campaigns or sending out with brochures or promotional material as they are very lightweight and ideal for posting.

These are just a few examples of promotional products which are made in the UK. For more ideas please contact us.


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