Having horses and living in the countryside isn’t cheap, so with all the gear you need to enjoy this passion it is sometimes good to know where to spend and where to save!

Here on Haynet we review some of the latest products that come on to the market and test these out for viewers and members to see if its worthy of them opening their purse… If you are a business that would like to highlight your equestrian or countryside product to our wide audience, then please CONTACT US as we can provide quality reviewers for you.

Equimins Hoof disinfectant and Hoof moisturising gel - A Review


Gemma Hague from Going Dutch Dressage

When I was asked by Haynet if I would like to review these products I jumped at the chance.  Cash is stabled overnight all year round on a small bed of shavings and rubber mats.  Being stabled this way means thrush and other hoof nasty’s are always in the front of my mind.


The first thing I noticed when I opened the parcel was the smell, it was lovely, a really fresh, clean aroma.  The packing of both products is sturdy and appealing.


The disinfectant is easy use, a simple case of cleaning the hoof and then spraying the underside with the solution.  It is recommended to do this every few days and within a few applications I noticed the smell from the side of his frogs had disappeared.


The moisturising gel is easy to apply with a brush, do be careful and wear gloves if you are likely to get it on your hands!  Looking at what I have used I would expect the tub to last a good few months (you don’t need a lot to cover the whole hoof) and Cash’s feet are already looking better, especially around the holes where the clenches are.


Priced at £7.99 and £5.99 these products are favourable priced and work just as well as some of the higher end market products.  A thumbs up from me!


For more information please visit Equimins and their huge range of horse care products


Mugs are what memories are made of

I have an obsession. It’s not boots or shoes. It’s not handbags. It’s mugs. Yes, mugs.


I have a kitchen cupboard full of mugs of all shapes and sizes. I have not one but two dressers that mugs sit on the shelves in a neat orderly line, together with more mugs hanging from hooks all with the mugs facing right. Do you understand now I have an obsession!


Drinking tea or morning coffee has been a staple of my life for as long as I can remember. Being half Finnish, the Scandinavians love drinking coffee with a cinnamon bun making it a daily social occasion. It was only until having a home of my own that I loved shopping and buying mugs. It soon became apparent that I had two style of mugs that I would scour online or the high street for. I have two distinct themes that I love, those with a Scandinavian theme and those depicting classic or vintage British countryside design.


The traditional pine dresser is simply not complete with cups lining the shelves among much loved artefacts. It was only in the last few years due to the loss of my parents that I noticed how attached I was to even their mugs. How could you throw them away when these mugs have so many memories attached to them? Of course, these were saved and are now on my dresser giving me warm glowing memories of my dad sitting down drinking strong, stewed tea from his favourite half pint mug!


I have mugs that do different jobs. I have certain mugs that are given to builders that are working at home or mugs that are used in the garden after a long afternoon digging the veg patch and pruning the roses. I have mugs that are for family and then another range for friends. My mugs show my love of horses and dogs too. These I use daily with a particular favourite Doris & Co mug which has vintage and equestrian in one lovely typically British design! Then I have very special mugs that have never seen a spoon, let alone a tea bag. These have been bought for display only. Some may have some worth later on, especially the limited edition ones but I’m not so sure! Sometimes even though how lovely the mugs are, they cannot be wasted on display and have to be used.


Those special mugs I hope will endure the decades ahead. When I am pushing up the daisies nothing would make happier to know that my special mugs will be put somewhere on a shelf, reminding my children of me drinking English tea from my favourite classic British mug.


Written by Samantha Hobden



Doris & Co

Doris & Co are a super British company that are devoted to making English creamware pottery and homewares using old fashioned traditional methods. These lovely mugs look great on the dresser but they are even better used daily. They are of a sturdy quality yet they look typically classic with their unique and elegant design, which I loved about them. Hand your friends or family a cup of tea in a Doris & Co mug and I guarantee you will be greeted with a “lovely mug” comment – these mugs are a real head turner!


Doris & Co want their mugs and homewares not only to be used in a practical sense but they make them to last, giving you years of enjoyment and sentiment to their heartfelt, honest and enduring designs.


Their products make excellent gifts particularly as they are beautifully wrapped in a quality box that would make anyone’s day receiving an item of Doris & Co pottery as a present. With carefully thought designs and slogans, their pottery would suit all ages, male or female - making gift buying all the easier!


For more information, please visit http://www.dorisandco.co.uk/


Handwoven Browbands - A Review

I was extremely lucky to be chosen to review, a made to order browband from Handwoven Browbands . At the time, I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted, so I left it up to them, just giving them my preferences of brown leather with blue and green colours which wouldn’t clash with a ginger. So it was a lovely surprise when this turned up!


The design is double stitched cobra with diamante studs and royal blue and I think bottle green (but could be olive) stitching. It just looks amazing. I couldn’t wait to get down the yard the next day to attach it to my bridle and try it on.


I don’t have a wide head piece on my bridle. But it has got some padding there, although not a huge amount. In the past I have found it tricky to get the right size loops. They are either too small, so that it’s hard to get the browband on or too big that the browband slips down once it’s on the horse. I haven’t had either of these problems with the Handwoven Browband. The loops are big enough that they are easy to put on and adjust, but don’t slip around on Scottie’s head. You can also measure your bridle when placing your order and they can change the loop size to make sure it fits.


The browband itself also fits Scottie perfectly. He is usually a Full size all round, but since the browband was going to be made especially for him, they recommended measuring our current browband to make sure we get the best fit. I currently had Scottie in 2 browbands (we have 2 bridles) one measured 16” and the other 15”. They were both different shapes and both fit well. So I asked for a 15 ½” which obviously was the right choice.


Scottie is quite a hot horse and will often sweat where his tack sits, especially around his ears and where the browband attaches to the headpiece. Because of this I was a little bit worried about the cord material causing him to sweat more than his normal leather browband. But I was very wrong.


We had a good session in the school when it was warm last week and Scottie had rather wet ears, but the browband was completely dry. This really surprised me.


Along with me needlessly worrying about the new material browband causing more sweat, I was also worried about how hard it would be to clean. After all, I couldn’t just wipe it over with water and saddle soap like I do everything else. But I had a quick look at their website to see how they recommend looking after it and it sounds very easy, just give it a scrub with some water and washing up liquid! I haven’t tried this yet as mine is still really clean, but it’s nice to know it doesn’t need all this special care, because realistically, how many of us have time for that?


Scottie just looks fantastic in this browband and we’ve had lots of jealous comments at the yard. The colours really compliment his natural orange and it has a smart design making it suitable for our ridden showing classes (riding horse and RoR) and show jumping. I’m a tad old fashioned and I personally wouldn’t wear it for dressage. But I have seen others with more elegant/traditional colours and glittery thread which I think work great for dressage!


There are so many design options that I do think there is something for everyone! You have the choice of 3 leather colours, 10 designs, 29 thread colours and diamante or chrome studs. They are also really reasonably priced with most designs starting at around £11. So really great value I think!


by Ruby Pepper of Equipepper


Please visit Handwoven Browbands for information regarding their made to order browband range and other handwoven products.

JHL Faux Fur Headcollar Review

by Sophie Tunnah

Equestrian Blogger of the Year 2016

The JHL Faux Fur headcollar arrived just a few days after confirming my address. So that’s a big TICK for delivery time!

I ordered a full size headcollar for Louie, who is fairly standard in this sizing, maybe on the smaller side of it. It fit him well as it has an adjustable noseband underneath the jaw – I just tightened this up & used a smaller setting over the headpiece too. If you’ve a horse that’s between cob and full, I would suggest the cob size…


One thing I really don’t like on headcollars is when the nose or headpiece is made of fleece or the fur itself. The JHL headcollar doesn’t do this – it is made fully of nylon with faux fur wrapped around head & cheek pieces, as well as the noseband. The fur isn’t too chunky – I’ve seen some other brands you can buy the pieces to slot on be much fuller. I took this as a positive, as it also wasn’t too thin, giving it an overall nice luxurious feel and texture to the fur pieces.

I was disappointed to find that the fur was stitched to the headcollar. While this is a positive for day-to-day use because it prevents it slipped around, it means that you can’t take it off to stick it through the wash. I also spotted when I had the headpiece fastened, from the front the fur on this piece isn’t central over the head – it is lower down the headcollar on the offside than the nearside. Most people probably wouldn’t be so bothered, and I guess it could be a nuisance to keep moving it up and down to undo the headcollar. However, I personally would rather be able to slide it down.


Overall, the quality of the product was really good, and especially when you consider its price tag of just £9.99! The headcollar certainly doesn’t look like an item of that price range, and while I haven’t used it every day around the yard, I’ve travelled in it a few times & used it while tied up grooming. The metal work on it is still shiny and hasn’t chipped or discoloured. The metal fastening and sizing holes also have metal trim which have also held up well. The nylon material seems to be strong and dependable, and the fur hasn’t shed at all – something which I’ve seen happen on lower cost options of fur items with other people.

The only reason I haven’t used the headcollar every day is simply that I don’t want it leaving at the field in the rain, falling off the fence post in the mud, or picked up off the hook (by Louie) to be swung around the yard!!

This would be a product that I would purchase on my own, especially now having seen the quality, & at just under a tenner, even if I can’t wash it, I can always get another one!

JHL also produce a half pad and saddlepad, both with faux fur. Having tried the headcollar, it would definitely make me consider these products in future.


For stockists of the JHL Headcollar, please visit: http://www.wefi.co.uk/store-locator/

Likit Starter Kit - A Review

When I first bought Oscar home, he ate his feed then licked his bowl and the slices of chopped apple and carrot clean...does he not like fruit and veg I pondered? Never one to be deterred I continued to ‘dangle the carrot’ so to speak. Eventually he understood and it’s fair to say he hasn’t looked back since, therefore when Haynet asked whether Oscar and I would like to try the Likit Starter Kit, I jumped at the opportunity to learn more…


The Likit Starter Kit is fabulously packaged in a fun and colourful box complete with animated instructions on how to un-wrap the Likit’s, piece together, hang in the stable from the rope provided and includes the following;


X1 Likit Holder
X3 Likit’s apple, cherry and carrot
X1 bag of mint and eucalyptus Likit Snaks
X1 bag of apple and cinnamon Likit Snaks


Because of Oscar’s native breeding and natural tendency to be a good-doer I am always conscious of the sugar content in his diet and the recent removal of his back shoes has only heightened my awareness. On the other hand I also understand that horses have evolved as herbivores, eating grass and other pasture plants that are naturally high in sugar, meaning sugar is a normal component of a horse’s diet and not something to be dismissed. With this knowledge in mind I delved into researching the Likit brand…


Firstly I congratulate Likit for making no secret of the sugar content in their product range, openly sharing recommended daily allowances on their website, plus for those completely adverse to sugar providing a range of salt, sport (electrolyte) and ice (Himalayan Rock salt) Likit’s.


Likit offer low, medium, high and high+ products in their unique Challenge System range that bring wellbeing benefits to the stabled horse by promoting licking, chewing, mimicking grazing behaviour, diverting attention away from stable vices and relieving boredom. This enriches the environment and the Likit Starter Kit is the perfect introduction, graded as low level.


My Likit Starter Kit arrived last Saturday and Monday welcomed the start of a very wet week. This saw Oscar stabled without turnout offering the perfect opportunity to test my Likit…I chose to try Apple first!


The Likit Holder was simple to put together and the plastic around the Apple Likit easy to remove. As per the instructions I assessed the structure of Oscar’s stable, grabbed a mounting block and hung the rope around one of the rafters before clipping the Likit Holder on. If you don’t have a beam to hang it from Likit recommend baler twine/rope hung across a corner of the stable to create a beam and hang the Likit from the middle. The benefit being the Likit moves making the reward a boredom busting challenge.


Proud of my handy work I waited…it was a tentative start and I had to unclip the Likit and place it under Oscar’s nose for him to get the idea. He soon realised how tasty it was and stood quietly playing, biting, licking, twisting and swinging the Likit as I skipped out, groomed and changed rugs.


Since my Likit has been out twice a day as I do my yard chores, successfully diverting Oscar’s attention from being stabled and feeling like a real treat. Something he twitches his nose with joy at when he sees coming.


I wish I would have realised the boredom busting benefits of Likit’s Challenge System before now because there is a definite place for them in the life of a stabled horse, be it overnight, due to bad weather or box rest. I am already planning to buy a banana refill once my Starter Kit has ran out and I think this is the start of a colourful collection.


I’d love a Likit Snak-A-Ball – challenge level medium - to fill with the delicious heart shaped Likit Snaks that were included in the Likit Starter Kit. Oscar loves these super cute munchies.


Jessica and Oscar from Gee Gee and Me


Please visit LIKIT for more information and where to buy!

The Wave Fork - A Review

Haynet member and Professional Event Rider Penny Sangster recently reviewed the super stylish and practical Wave Fork from Noble Outfitters. The Wave Fork is an innovative breakthrough in stable management, clean stables with ease using the lightweight customisable fork, which comes complete with a five year guarantee. With Penny's busy event yard, the Wave Fork was put to the heavy test of multiple stables to muck out  - here are her thoughts of this product:-


"The brightly coloured Wave fork arrived in two pieces which panicked me at first-  but it was extremely easy to put together. I really like the padded handle and it is extremely light. Using it on a regular basis it is very robust and puts up with being thrown around the yard with the other yard equipment! 


I am very fussy about my shavings beds and hate any droppings left while saving as much shavings as possible. The wave fork is not only easy and light to use, it also great to separate the dropping away from the shavings.  The only thing on its downside is that it was not the easiest to turn the shavings bed over as it was difficult to lift up large weights of bedding.


I would definitely recommend the Wave Fork to anyone!"


To purchase please visit NOBLE OUTFITTERS by clicking HERE

Masterclip Showmate Trimmer


Showmate Horse Trimmer

2 rechargeable batteries
Approx 30 mins clip time each battery
Ceramic blades
4 comb attachments
Smart silver carry case




The first thing I noticed with these trimmers is the box, as well as looking sleek and professional it is very sturdy and seem strong enough to put up with the toils and trauma’s before shows and at shows and are very easily transported safely! Gin is still a baby (he is 3) and hadn’t been introduced to clippers or trimmers before and I think these were the perfect pair to start him off. Apart from doing his moustache which took a few attempts and him snapping his head away but we got it done. The motors are fairly quiet and when I first turned them on there was no reaction from Gin or Hero – and the vibration is a firm vibration that doesn’t send your hand or arm numb like some trimmers can. Changing the depth of the cut is easy with a twist motion and without the plastic guards on it gives a very close even cut. The ceramic blades feel to be incredibly sharp and show no sign of dulling even after a fair amount of use.


Changing the plastic length combs is easy they just slide on and are easily changeable for any grading, and setting the height is simple and intuitive, but also feels firm and sturdy and doesn’t feel like its going to slip apart.


Gin is getting properly clipped soon as he is a sweaty boy so we will take off his chest and tummy, so to show you guys how good they are on  a thick cobby coat I took a square patch off of his chest – now it’s not perfect but these are trimmers not clippers, but in a situation where you needed a quick tidy up or missed or uneven line in a clip these would be perfect.


They dealt with his long chest hair and long tummy hairs with ease and I played with them for a good half and hour and the battery was still going strong so I can imagine with both batteries charged you could do a lot of trimming!


The only downside is the plastic of the handle doesn’t feel as sturdy as the rest of the construction but saying that I had no issues with them what so ever I would just like for it to feel a bit more sturdy. They are slender in my hands and I have small hands so I don’t think many people would have an issue of them being to big. All in all a well priced set of trimmers I would buy again for show day touch-up and precise small area trimming. I even bit the bullet and used them on my Poodle and they were far better than my other dog trimmers and worked wonders on her too!




Review provided by Just A Cob



The Idolo Tether Tie - A Review

I was tweeting one Monday night on #HorseHour when Haynet asked if I would like to do a product review on the Idolo Tether Tie. I had never heard of Idolo Tether Ties so searched it on the internet and I thought it looked innovative.


I generally use very thin baler twine (easy to break), “you always need to carry spare twine as thin baler twine snaps easily, or tangles like spaghetti . There are a couple of plastic ties on the market which I have tried only to find they don’t work well and perish in the winter months.


I have used quick release ties in the past only to find that my mare escapes. When my mare is tethered she very quickly turns her head just a couple of times from left to right and if she’s tied to an quick release tie then it opens straight away – “it’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to do”.


When the “Idolo” Tether Tie arrived, I found it to light in weight but sturdy. I tied up my mare and she did her usual head nod to see if it would release.......but it held firm! I continued to use the Idolo for the following month and it passed every test with flying colours. The halter rope is passed through the loop where you have two choices of pressure just by turning the tether tie around, therefore if your horse spooked then the tie allows the rope pass over or under the friction bar whilst holding the pressure.


My mare didn’t pull back during testing, but I applied significant pressure to the Tie and it did not break, unclip, release or separate. If your horse spooks then he/she can move freely without feeling restricted. Best practice dictates that you should not leave your horse unattended while tethered using any safety tie. The tether tie is guaranteed for two years, is weather proof and most of all its safe, to me it’s a definite winner.


Written by Helen Last


Please visit: http://idolotethertie.com/


Modern Colour And Design At Last Hit The Stable Yard!

When HUF Designs contacted the Haynet office to review a new feed scoop, you do immediately wonder how a simple feed scoop could make life easier in the stable yard? A scoop is just a scoop after all? Or is it…


When I received the SKUP (super name!) I was immediately impressed by the colour and the design. At last some funky style to brighten up the feed room. My feed scoop I have had for about eleven years now but it was starting to look tired and now almost dated back to the seventies when the new SKUP was placed in the feed bin! The SKUP looks modern and up to date which sadly many stable yard products are lacking these days.


Don’t take these good looks for granted though, this SKUP has something for it teeth to sink into… Yes, your horse feed with ease! With its jagged teeth it is so easy to scoop up chaff, nuts or any mix. The SKUP particularly makes light work of chaff which can be an embedded battle to get out of the bag. Another great feature is that it is marked so you can judge how much feed to give and with its level bottom it sits comfortably on top of any hay bale.


The SKUP would make easy work I think of making up multiple feeds with its quick scoop action and marked outline to judge the different amounts horses have.


I can fully understand why the innovative SKUP impressed BETA last year winning the Horsecare Equipment and Clothing Award. The design and style can pull up any yard to the modern age which is much needed.


So if your feed room needs a little make over, then I urge you to cheer it up with a SKUP! You will not be disappointed.


Please visit: http://www.hufdesign.co.uk/

For The Doubtful: Supplements For Horses

Up and down the country if you took a peek in the feed rooms of most yards, you would see bins full of horse feeds and most likely a variety of supplements on shelves above. Now the doubters will probably raise an eyebrow and say they are a complete waste of money and just don’t bother…well sometimes I think you have to have an open mind about feeding horses supplements. I have fed a natural supplement to my horse recently…with amazing results!


So how do you make sure that your horse is happy and healthy? As with humans, the key to good health is the diet and the nutrients. There are all kinds of different horse supplements that are available to horse owners. The supplement market is vast and it can be a complete minefield in finding the correct supplement for your horse to help its deficiency or ailment.


With something so important as your horse’s health and could potentially greatly improve its quality of life - then why not feed supplements to them? My horse was showing symptoms back in the spring which was confirmed after xrays, that he had degenerative arthritis in his front cannon bones and pasterns. When steroids were discounted for a variety of reasons, I looked into feeding a supplement to help him with the crippling pain this condition gives a horse. To be honest it was the only option I had after he did not do well on the chemical painkillers the vet had prescribed him. As the saying goes; no legs, no horse…..


After a lot of research on my part I found it was important to find a supplier that has formulated products using up to date technology with pure and natural ingredients. This way you know that your horse will be receiving the best products possible, and also the perfect balance of vitamins and minerals to ensure a balanced and healthy diet.


I put my horse on a joint supplement from Science Supplements which had a high percentage of MSM and Glucosamine levels which I saw from only about a week of feeding it to him, there was a great improvement. I also decided to feed him turmeric which has been proven to be a super natural anti-inflammatory and the change within my horse in a month was outstanding. Feeding these two natural substances has changed my horse completely - he would always walk out stiff and a bit gorky. Now he can be hacked out in walk, trot and a little bit of canter work. This twenty year old equine now plays in the field as if he was four again!


So have a look into the supplement market with an open mind. Yes some may not achieve the desired results but the percentage of those are low to the improvements it can make to your horses health. As every horse owner knows, your horse is very precious and their wellbeing is priority. Believe me, those months in getting my horse pain free and joint healthy has been paramount in my life this summer! 


Written by Samantha Hobden

An Honest Breeches Review by Penny Sangster




Professional Event Rider Penny Sangster

My first impression of the Equetech Ladies Vision Breeches from Ride-Away were that they were incredibly smart and the sizing was perfect. My only criticism was that the legs were slightly short but then I do like my breeches longer. They were a very good fit and looked very smart on.

The first day I rode in them I remembered why I don’t tend to use full seat breeches because I find they rub! However, they kept their shape but riding in them for the first time I did find them a little uncomfortable. I decided to hand them to my girls in the yard to wear them and see what they thought of them. They would wear them on the yard all day and then hand them back to me to wash. Being so dirty I did what you are not supposed to do with decent breeches – I put them on a hot wash and tumble dried them… Each time they came out surprisingly clean and reshaped!

I needed a smart pair of breeches to go teaching with so I put them back on. I was really pleased to find that since being worn and washed several times, they had now softened and were extremely comfortable! 

The girls are now not allowed to wear them and I have now saved them for competing. They have definitely stood up to a really tough trial and they are certainly worth the money – in fact I would like to buy another pair!




To Purchase: Ride-Away

Penny Sangster: http://www.pennysangster.com/

Read Penny’s Blog: http://www.hay-net.co.uk/penny-sangster