The Last Chapter: Kingsley aka Stilo Venture --/--/ 2004- 18/04/2012

It feels almost torturous to write this post straight away but at the same time it wouldn't feel right not to do so.
After almost 3 years of trying to find a reason for Kingsley's unsoundness and failing to keep him pain free we made a difficult decision to let him go.

It was the saddest moment in my whole life with horses.


We spent some time with him in the early morning, let him stuff himself with apples and carrots, eat grass and "chat" to the other horses.
He was euthanised by injection and it was all extremely quick, peaceful and pain free.

We would like to thank everybody who supported us throughout this quest to help him, especially Nic Barker of Rockley Farm, Susanna Malkakorpi of Susanna Horse Therapy, Helga - our wonderful yard host, Kate Morton the hoofcare, and Rachel the vet of McGonnell & Gillatt for her help and great assistance in those last days.

Thank you also to all of you who followed his story, shared our moments of happiness and tentative optimism as well as those of helpless desperation.

I think if Kingsley could reason and speak he would say huge thank you to all who took notice and learnt from his issues and that includes many horse owners and his last vet too.

It was a difficult but amazing journey and we are grateful for his presence in our lives, for people he brought us together with and for lessons he taught us.
One of those lessons is that sometimes, even if you do everything you can, it's simply not enough.

Rest In Peace my friend.