getting "The Feel"

Blu and I have been plugging along OK. Some good rides, some not so good , and some where we just didn't feel like we were on the same page, let alone the same paragraph! Last nights ride started off not too bad, then quickly regressedd to "ugly". I was trying to get a somewhat collected trot and it just wasn't happening. I was too bouncy with my hands, not feeling very balanced in my seat, and Blu was reacting to all my nastiness as expected, tossing her head, pulling on the bit, no consistency. My first instinct was to just have a quick ride and try to get a couple nice laps of trotting in and get off. I was quite bummed since the night before I had an awesomely fantastic ride. We had it all. together that night. Then I remembered what one of the famous trainers said, " in order to become a better rider you have to ride your horse". His point was to get out as often as possible and simply ride! Do what you CANdo. So, I went back down to a walk and quit trying to get her in that perfect frame with cadence, and just starting asking her to give her nose. Then give at the poll. As we walked for several minutes I only concentrated on the very basics of giving and leg pressure at the walk. About 15 minutes into it I really felt her getting it. I felt it AND Blu felt it! Ahhhh. We practiced this for several more minutes and progressed into some short stints of trotting trying to remain on the same sentence as one another. I believe we rode through it! This definitely encourages me that I can have the confidence to eventually make it out there to the wild blu yonder... ;)