Piaffe day 2

Yahoo....were getting rolling faster than I thought. But Rose is a super smart horse, any short comings she has are actually my short comings. I decided today, since she remembered yesterdays lesson within 30 seconds, right where we left off....I decided to see if I can explain to her to hold her leg up longer. I started w the stick, but my arm was a bit tired, and when I was cleaning out her feet before the lesson, I noticed....."wow, she already gets the lesson w my hand.....why not use my hands?" Well, while I would not recommend it for beginners or horses who can be less than safe or consistent, Rose and I have a solid relationship and I trust her with most everything. The things I don't feel confident about, I just don't do, plain and simple.

So I started with my hands and she was lifting her leg within a minute and holding it! Then I used the stick w very gentle tapping, followed up with my hand, and in the end of the 20 minute lesson she was holding her leg up with the stick.

So far, as this is going, I am thinking about the reality of a true novice horse person attempting this, thinking....if I didn't have all my understanding that I learned from parelli, would this be going this fast? I am an unofficial L4 parelli grad, and I can't really even picture a L1 or L2 parelli student 'getting' this. There were alot of times when I changed my rhythm, intensity, release, no release, time between attempts....all based my in depth knowledge of this horse. And I have to say....my conclusion is....I am not so sure a novice would have success, much less great success....of the dvd alone. I have 40ys experience with roughly 300 horses under my belt, and I can say this....I am sitting her having to really think while I am doing this and scratching my head quite a bit. Luckily I have all that experience to draw on.

But more on that later, I just might have to enlist a true novice in this experiment to play with one of my other horses. Maybe my son and his pony. So I picked the song for this video because I feel it really represents how I feel. I'm at a cross roads. A juncture between not living my life and dying to live my dreams.....and this experiment, along with the French Classical Dressage, is bridging that gap. Who knows......maybe....just maybe.....I will live my life and my dreams before I die.

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