Equestrian Bloggers Facebook Group

Do you have your own blog? 

If yes, please read on!

I have setup a Facebook closed group designed specifically for Equestrian bloggers - just search for it on Facebook, request to join and send an email with your blog URL to equestrianbloggers@hotmail.com

What next?

The purpose of the group is to build a community of like-minded people - people who love all things equestrian & who enjoy blogging! In the group, we can share tips, hints and suggestions that we've found have helped us in our own experience. This can be anything from a technical plugin to enhance our blog, through to requesting feedback on your own blog, to sharing your latest posts in a community that actually want to read them & crucially, engage with them!

There are a few rules to the group to prevent anyone "spamming" it just for traffic, and it is not a place to simply gather social media followers, although there will be feature posts to enable this.

The group has a pinned post detailing the rules, which once you are accepted, you can read here.

I've also added a post to my own blog with a bit more detail about the Equestrian bloggers Facebook group concept. Key is that the group is there for bloggers to support each other - not for brands to push out their offers, or for people to shout "FOLLOW ME" / "READ MY POST". It's a knowledge led group to support one another.

It's new, so any feedback is welcome!! Just leave me a comment below, on my blog or drop me an email! & I hope you all find it useful!