My first Horse Nemo and a record of his progress

Nemo has not been good riding out what with his planting, Kelly decided we should try a bike to see if he needed company.  Nemo stuck to the bike like glue everytime the bike stopped so did nemo he would not go without the bike even to the extreme of when we got back to the yard Kelly went to put the bike away and Nemo tried to follow it, was funny to see it.  But Nemo has some serious anxiety issues.  
So what with the planting and the bucking that he has now started to do and him not behaving in the yard I am really at loss, the last thing I need to do is his teeth which will be this Friday after that havent a clue.
Well that was until today Kelly picked me up in her trailer (which, by the way he is now starting to get on with out any problems.)  Took him to Kelly's yard, we put Nemo in the stable next to Josh.  Nemo was so relaxed, Josh seemed to have a calming influence on him even managed to get a cup of coffee in without any scraping of the foot from Nemo.  Then Nemo tried Josh's lick what a laugh Nemo loved it, Nemo was a bit of child as well he found it quite funny to knock all of Josh's wardrobe on the floor even found a hoof pick on the shelf and picked it up and put it on the floor.  Josh kept giving Nemo kisses and I think they are best friends now.  Although when we went out for a ride he did two massive bucks but I think he thought Josh was going to leave him and he panicked a bit,either that or he was excited and it was a kind of wayhay were off.
So, the plan to convince the owner of Kelly's yard to allow Nemo to move there which will be an effort as the yard owner is worried Nemo will churn the fields up.Kelly and I think Nemo doesnt like having to come into an empty yard leaving the herd behind him, he needs the security of another horse as he is very very anxious on his own.  
Keep you all posted.