To Blog or not Blog - That is the Question?

This time last year  I would have laughed at you if you'd have said I would blog! I somehow didn't see the need. That all changed when I visited Northcote Heavy Horse Centre. I have said before I have never been a 'horsey' person. Yes I love animals and wildlife but never particularly horses. But that day I was bowled over by this huge animals. Their power, their inteligence, their gentleness

We decided to volunteer and to help out and they desperately needed help. Financially the previous winter had hit them very hard and we both felt that it would be a tradgedy to see it close. I am one of a small army that regularly help keep the place running. I have learnt to 'muck out 'etc but I wanted to do something but what! My son was brought up in the technological age suggested Twitter and Blogging. He said tell people what you do and why you do it, you'll be surprised. He set me up, gave me a few lessons and the rest is history, as they say.

With Blogging you give information and take information but can be very sterile. However, I have discovered that Hay-net is a blogging family linked by everyones love and perception of horses.

My charity recipe book for Northcote is due for launch and is on sale for £3 available from the Centre or our on-line shop on http// . A good mixture of recipes from many people and has been generously supported by the following celebrities:

  • Colin McCurran - Chef & Restauranteur
  • Rachel Green - Lincolnshire Chef, Author, TV & Radio Presenter
  • Geoff Capes - Former British & Commonwealth Shot-Put Champion
  • Gary Rhodes - Chef, Restauranteur, Celebrity & Author
  • Kate Attlee - International Dressage Rider
  • Aled Jones - Singer & TV Presenter
  • Jim Sutcliffe - Young Butcher of the Year ( Meridian Meats, Louth)
  • Antony Worrall Thompson - Chef, TV & Radio Presenter
  • Pam Rhodes - TV Presenter
  • Barbara Dickson OBE - Actress & Singer
  • Rob Underwood - BBC Radio Lincolnshire Presenter
  • Susie Blackmon - Curator of News about Horses, Western Discipline, Horse Racing & The Western Lifestyle, Blogger
  • Jennifer Nicholls - Northcote Brewery, Norwich. Sadly since this was completed they have had to close. Good luck.


Last year the major project was to get the floor to the pony shed concreted. A mammoth task which took a lot of hard work from the volunteers and some wonderful donations of ballast and cement from local businesses.

From this.....

To this.........

Our project for 2012 is to transform this into a menage

Wish us luck.

Let just hope the snow has gone!

Thank you