We've finally got there!

These last few weeks have really dragged, which is so strange because thinking back the whole 3 months of rest for Jay seems to have flown by!  Lately though, people have been saying "so when is Katie going to ride?" and the countdown, "3 weeks left", "2 weeks left", seemed to make the time go slower and slower!
Actually, we've started riding a week earlier than expected.  Not because we were impatient, just the fact that Jay, usually a shy lad, decided to "drop" for us the other day and I was horrified at how dirty the poor fella is.  I'd usually be with the "leave it alone" gang, but seeing as how it's pretty dire, I thought I'd see if the vet could come a few days earlier for his final check-over visit and give this guy a good clean up (nope, I'm NOT going to do it - not for the first time any way!).
So, vet's arranged for Thursday and on his last visit he said he'd like to see Katie in the saddle for the final check-over.  Suddenly we realised we needed to get our act together, we didn't want a showdown on vet visit day!  Mentioning this to our YO she very kindly offered to help out.  Saturday 3:30 - arranged - no going back - Katie would do in-hand walking, a bit of lungeing and then a short walk in the saddle. 
Katie was fine with all this, probably a little apprehensive, to be expected of course, but I was a nervous wreck!  Kept clock watching the afternoon away and pacing up and down throughout the whole session.  I think my nerves trebled due to the fact the YO felt Jay would burst with excitement having Katie back on board.  Seeing as how he'd been walked in hand for 20 mins each day for most of the 3 months, plus he's had plenty of turn out (and had had a good few hours of grass before this riding session) I didn't think he'd be too bad, but her talk of the possibility of him doing cartwheels put the fear of God in me.  Katie went prepared - body armour - sorry protector - on (she hates it, can't move properly she says) - just in case!
He was fine!  The lungeing went well and he was just a little bit silly about mounting (as usual), but stood still once we put our bright blue grooming box next to him as a step!!   YO had the lunge-line on him, just in case, but apart from a tiny, tiny sign of him rushing off at the start, he was a saint.   I'm just so grateful for our YO - so calm and relaxed and happy to help and offering suggestions throughout - she's a gem in a million.
Today Katie did everything unaided and Jay was brilliant and seemed to enjoy the whole session. 
Phew!  Just need to get the vet's sign off and I think then I can safely say "WE'RE BACK!".
Katie and Jay today - 4th June, 2012