Day 17 – Imperial, Nebraska to 2 1/2 miles from Colorado (near Lamar, NE)

Today I got up & put the animals out to graze, then I had some of the fresh bread for breakfast. I fooled around for awhile letting the animals graze & then headed west out of Imperial.

I thought I took Hwy 6 out of town, but realized later I was on 15, when it turned south. I am glad I took the wrong road because I ran across Ken Kleinsorge. Dave Pabst, and friends who had just completed a week long covered wagon trip. We chatted for a long time & exchanged contact information. They were nice guys & I look forward to meeting them again.

While I was along side the road, a local they knew, stopped by & gave me directions, which allowed me to ride off the highway most of the day. Later a lady who worked at the vet clinic in Imperial stopped & brought me some sodas & a roll of vet wrap that had fallen out of my pack.

Storms were all around today. First SW of me, than North, than one directly West of me. I thought for sure one of them would get me wet, but they all went around me.

I was told about an abandoned farm by several people & hurried to it to avoid the storms. But as of this writing no rain. There is a corral with grazing, shelter, & fire wood here. It would be perfect except there is no water.

I am about to Colorado & should have a fairly easy day tomorrow to get to Holyoke. I ate nearly the whole loaf of bread today & plan to finish it off with my soup tonight for dinner. The animals were content & I am relaxed knowing I have somewhere to hide from storms, should they get here.