Blumming good weekend!!

So on Sat we went XC training, me and y/o went with a few other ladies. My new instructor was holding the clinic, we were the ‘novice ladies/horse’ group :P. When we got on Buddy was at least 19.2hh, I think he was just waiting for the red coats and hounds hehe.
Well for never jumping more than a tiny cross and ditches we were soon flying! He was confused at first, but as soon as I rode with more purpose he was soon popping over no problem! Here’s the video anyway, as you can see we had a brilliant time :D He got so confident; we even did a pretty big tyre jump!!Some pics below! I just love him so much; he tries his heart out and loves his work. Perfect!

Well after that busy day I was abit concerned about taking him today for the pleasure ride, well that was a waste of concern. Up for it may be an understatement!!! He was soo full of it, prancing pony! For the first hour he was *almost* verging on silly ;) But not quite, bless him. He was just full of joy. It was gorgeous weather, bright and sunny. We had a 25km route to do all around Guisborough Woods, it was beautiful riding. Budsy really settled into the ride, plodded along looking around. We had some amazing canters, and jumped quite a few logs and little hunt jumps (fresh from Sats practise!). I am sooo proud of my baby horse, he makes me happy everyday but this weekend has been exceptional! We really took our time on the ride, setting a nice lesiurely pace and taking in the breath taking sceneary. I think he looks very proud of his completion rossette :)

Tomorrow he will think all his christmas and birthdays have come at once as they are finally moving off their winter turnout into the summer feilds! *Graaass!* He deserves it :)