Reflections on being a Guest Editor

Sam is back, so that's my stint as guest editor over. Its been an interesting week combining cycling in the rain to find wifi with smiling and sometimes crying at the blog posts i read.  I loved haynet from the first moment Sam found me, the bloggers on the site there are so friendly and thoughtful - way different from some of the blogging sites I've found trawling the Internet.  It's been an incredible few days, and while I've loved it I also deeply regret that I hadn't got more time to put into it and so like Sam I was on the site at either end of my busy day, making the time rather than finding it.  I've really enjoyed reading everyone's posts, from the experienced riders who are refining their riding by degrees, to those who are struggling just to find the confidence to stick at it. I've been both, competed at a high level and also at one stage found myself so nervous I wanted to get off if the horse lifted his head to look at something.  It's been a funny old week so far. I've given up trying to sell my house and instead am going to rent a house with some land so I can bring the horses with me. This week we found the perfect house, in the middle of nowhere, with some land and a gorgeous old garden. But then, after I'd spent two days looking at the pictures and getting to know the house the estate agents pulled the rug from under us - the land wasn't going to be included. I'm longing to get out of Ireland. Apart for the fact I'm longing to start. New life with my brilliant boyfriend home in England I hate the climate in Ireland and really hate having to live so close to my ex husband. Even though he built a house near mine and I can't actually see his, I still know he's there and I don't really feel safe with him around. So that's that. Back to square one again.  This evening, taking advantage of the unusually hot weather I left the horses out until late. I'd have liked to have left them out all night,but at the ,moment my land shares a gate with my ex husband so I daren't risk leaving them out as I don't trust him not to leave the gate open.  This evening my horses were grazing in my garden. At 10 when it had finally cooled down I went out, blissfully still in my sundress and sandles. Pearl wears grazing on the bank at the back of the house. I hooked my fingers in her head collar and led her to the barn. She is pure white with a long, long forelock and is really the most beautiful horse I've ever seen. The others didn't come so I fetched kin sale, my baby. He, like pearl walked beside me to the barn. He's so handsome, already with such a kind, wise eye. The teenage, Lauren wanna be filly came next. Then I stayed in the barn stroking each of them over their stable doors, breathing in their smell... What on earth is it that makes us lobe them so much? I don't know but being on haynet this week made me realise that each I'd us is deeply hooked into the horse.  I've loved it -  Thank you for having me.