Healthy Ticker Check and Jabs

Apart from riding in the different weather elements, it has been a quiet week on the yard. From riding in a tshirt last week, I am now back to long sleeve top, hoody and my riding coat - just madness. Bonkers english weather. We were fixing a fence rail in the field this morning and it was just bitter with a horrible wind. So rugs firmly back on the horses today. The field is like concrete though and we are desparate for rain here in the South East.... A hose pipe ban came into force last night but I'm pretty sure having animals is an exception.


The vet came out to do Zebs's annual booster on Tuesday. As she hasn't seen him for a while I asked for a general check over. A friend of mine lost her loan pony last week. She went to the field as normal in the morning and he was lying dead in the field. Apparantley he had a massive heart sad. So being the over paranoid mum that I am, I wanted Zeb to have a check over as he is coming into his 17th year. Anyway I don't think he is ready to depart just yet as he was given a clean bill of health. I also was a little concerned about a sarcoid scar that had become a little crispy and  was thinking perhaps the sarcoid was starting to think about growing back. Anyway after much debate, she was pretty sure is was just scar tissue and to pop some oil on it and keep an eye. I certainly don't want to go through the sarcoid nightmare with him again...


Going to try and get some Easter riding in over the weekend - just would be nice if it warms back up a bit!