Inside Track Eventing
Natalie O'Keeffe is an ambitious grassroots amateur rider based in Ireland, with her sights set on the Eventing season in 2017. For the last few years, she has been mainly focusing on trying to force her muscles to be more flexible, and quashing her ever-growing awareness of her mortality. She juggles her time between her horse, a demanding full-time job which requires a substantial amount of travel, and her very tolerant non-horsey boyfriend. 
(Image credits: Louise O'Brien Photography)
Equally as tolerant, is her wonderful horse Paddy (Paddy's Cruising), a seven-year old KWPNxISH with Cruising and Lux Z bloodlines. He has bucketloads of talent and opinion in equal measure, and is teaching Natalie how to become less of a potato, and more of a proper rider. His likes include all kinds of food, being first to come in from the field, flying changes, and wither scratches. His dislikes include being interrupted when he's eating, being anything other than first to come in from the field, and discovering that Natalie's iPhone is not food. 
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