Fancy telling your story? Then you can start here at Haynet. If you already write a blog then why not feature it here for more to follow? 

Here are some common questions that are asked on how to start enjoying Haynet.  If you have any further questions, please CONTACT Haynet Admin where we will be more than happy to help you!

What is Haynet All About?
Haynet is a social friendly blogging network. There are many horse riders, farmers or anyone that enjoys the country that write their own independent blogs which before Haynet, were difficult to find. Here you can read all of the blogs under one roof to stop you searching the world wide web for them!

I Don't Write My Own Blog - Can I Start?
Even if this is all new to you, Haynet is a great way to start blogging. Think of blogging as an online diary which is a useful way for you to keep a record of your daily goings on in the horse world together, or the highs and lows that come with farming, or just to keep a record of your life in the country.

How Can I Start Blogging Through Haynet?
Haynet is a great way to start a blog if you have never written one before. By posting on your profile, all other members can read your posts, and comment should they wish. Please take a look at our JOIN page which gives you a step by step easy guide to get you started posting about your countryside life. We have many members that are blogging for the first time and are really enjoying writing regularly.

I Already Write A Blog - How Can I Link It To Haynet?
Many writers blog independently through Wordpress, Blogger or through their own websites. You need to be a member of Haynet to have your blog linked at Haynet. All blogs are listed in either the STABLES directory if you write about your equestrian life or in the FIELDS directory which covers all things country! All you need to do is send Haynet Admin your blog link URL and then it will be added to Haynet. 

Why Does Haynet Not Use An RSS Feed For Automatic Blog Post Updates?
Haynet is an active community website. It was decided after looking at blogging networks where blog links had been left by the author relying on a RSS feed, they then never returned to the site. We felt these sites can start to look stagnant and out of date. Consequently, viewers do not bother to come back to the website, so then your blog doesn't receive the traffic it was intended.  It is encouraged at Haynet that you post your new blog post link manually in Haynets News Feed for members and viewers of the site to see. This works both ways by keeping interest and traffic to your blog and also keeping Haynet's front page with ever changing news.

Can I Use Haynet Without Posting A Blog?
Haynet can be used as social network for those with an equestrian and countryside interest without having to post a blog. You can update your news in the News Feed, just upload a picture of your choice or enjoy chatting in the Forum with others and just enjoy the site like you would use Facebook etc

There Seems To Be So Much More On Haynet Than Just Blogs?
Haynet has been a fast growing community since its launch in Autumn 2011. The News Feed is the hub of the site where members post their news, posts and all the up to date issues and topics can be viewed and discussed. After growing in popularity over the last five years being online, Haynet relaunched with a brand new look in Autumn 2016 extending its equestrian audience out to members and viewers who are passionate about the countryside.

How Do I Join Haynet?
All new users can register using a valid email address and a desired username. Users can also log in using their Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin username and password. All site members can link their account on Haynet to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. By linking your account, you will be able to log in to Haynet and have the option to share your blogs through Facebook and Twitter, which is a great way to share your BLOGS! Click HERE to join Haynet and start enjoying this new way of meeting other fellow equestrian and countryside members.

I Still Have Some Questions?
Please contact Haynet Admin HERE where we will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Please take a read of the following posts which help you with how to use Haynet, how to post on Haynet and how to share on Haynet!




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