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26 November,2017

Helping Those Over Confidence Hurdles by Teri Warner

I thought I have been doing a lot of thinking recently, so why not share it on my blog….

Everything has been going well since my last update, my gorgeous Spanish 3yo has settled in really well and is happily accepting his head collar, rug, being groomed and being lead. The other horses are also going well and although I may not be out winning ribbons, I am thoroughly enjoying working with all the different horses and ponies we have and setting goals for each of them.

I’ve been thinking a lot about coaching recently, I’ve been teaching now for almost 20 years and it’s been a really interesting few months, especially moving away from the safety of riding school and building up a new client base at our own yard.


I have enjoyed working with so many different combinations but have noticed that I seem to have struggled with the feeling that I have to fit into a box, often riders expect you to specialise in a specific discipline. I often try to explain that, yes I used to event and have enjoyed training my horses and overcoming many jumping challenges but I also have really enjoyed my recent dressage training and judge training. I was so proud to be accepted as a trainee judge with BD.

I guess it’s safe to say that I enjoy being an all round trainer, I love putting my equine psychology diploma to good use in lessons too.

I have noticed that I have a real passion for boosting confidence, I think that if I had to say I specialise in anything, it would be helping riders and horses overcome their personal hurdles… I love it.

So from now on, when asked, I would love to say I’m a confidence coach!

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  1. amanda says:

    You’re right helping riders find their true potential is the best jov

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