Hannah Russell & Little Alf

Hannah Russell is the owner of Little Alf and has been since the 24th of December 2013.

Little Alf, who is often found creating mischief, was born on the 1st of April 2012 and lives behind Hannah's House in the North Yorkshire Dales.

At the young age of 17, Hannah Louise Russell published her first book in 2014, 'The Magical Adventure Of Little Alf - The discovery of the wild pony....'. The reason why Hannah decided to write a book on Little Alf was because Little Alf is completely different from other miniature Shetlands as he is a mini mini mini Shetland due to having dwarfism, therefore this makes Little Alf super tiny but also super cute!

Hannah and Little Alf have a very special bond and are never found far apart. Through their book they are helping support the Riding for Disabled Association. They help raise funds for all the amazing work the RDA do.

Little Alf brings Hannah great happiness and joy, he also hopes he will to you too!

For more information, please visit: http://www.littlealf.com/

Living, working and having horses in the North Yorkshire Dales + Little Alf

Living in the Yorkshire Dales is spectacular, right on my doorstep I am surrounded by hills and often wake up to the hum of a tractor in the distance, recently I have been waking up to the sound of lambs bleating, the farm I live next door to has started lambing for 2017 and they look just adorable, I can watch them playing from my office window.


Being an Author in the Dales is lots of fun and people are very supportive, in 2014 my first book was published about Little Alf my miniature Shetland pony, for those of you who don’t know Alfie, he is just 28 inches high due to him having dwarfism. I came across him in 2012 when Alfie was just 1 years old, he came from a Breeders yard and the lady was getting rid of him due to his dwarfism, with one glance I couldn’t say no he was just to adorable, within days of getting Alfie I realised how much character he had and thought he would be the perfect character for a children’s book. Just a few years later Alfie now has 4 books published about him and his very own magazine.


I don’t just own Alfie I have 3 horses in total, Badger who is a welsh section C x Cob, he is now 28 years old, I’ve had Badger since I was 6 years old so 13 years! I also have Paddy who is a gypsy cob and Pepper who is my other miniature Shetland. The Yorkshire Dales has the best riding routes and is perfect on summer nights, I don’t actually ride myself anymore as when I was 17 I found out that I had 3 fractured vertebras in my back, which was potentially caused from years of falling off or the doctors said it could of just been genetics, I suppose I’ll never know, I often get asked if it bothered me that I can’t ride and more and honestly as long as all my horses are healthy then I’m happy, I really enjoy just playing with them on the floor and have found a love for clicker training.


Clicker training isn’t that well known in horses, it’s a method which people use to train their animals, it’s most commonly used in dogs, but it seems to becoming more and more popular in the equestrian world and I can really recommend it, it’s a fantastic way to bond with your horses.


Now that the spring weather is on the way and lighter nights are here it’s been the perfect chance to get back out on nights and begin training for 2017!


Please visit: http://www.littlealf.com/