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10 Jul,2018

Flies, Frillies and a Trip to A&E!

Wow, what a difference in the weather! Do you recall the horrible wet spring wanting the summer to come? How come each year I forget (conveniently) about the flies? No idea how I do it but I sure do.  Poor Eek has been bitten rather badly despite using the usual fly spray, creams, and rugs.  Tim our vet paid a visit who Eek hadn’t really met him before. She was very good as Tim produced the clippers to see just how bad the infection was. It soon became apparent that she had obviously been rubbing herself as well on a nearby tree…. Armed with antibiotics and creams I await yet another vet bill, but I have to say it was worth it as she is looking much better. I was so pleased to see Eek happily munching away with the other two.

However, I have pulled out of this weekend Team Quest and My Quest. I’ve been taking part in British Dressage My Quest and Team Quest which is so much fun I can’t tell you!  Encouraged by my lovely trainer Nerys Leer who is so so positive about absolutely everything I decided to take part. Well, we got a first! OMG yes a first a lovely RED rosette! Typically Eek sniffed it and decided that Red really wasn’t her colour and we’ve progressively got worse each outing with several seconds and a third.  

Whilst Eek was out of action, Indie pony was being ridden and worked on.  Indie pony is the kind of pony that you can’t help but smile when you ride her. However, she is notoriously bad-tempered on the ground who will swing her bottom round for a scratch which if you don’t know her, can be quite unnerving.  To get a ride in before the dreaded flies come out, I was down earlier than usual on Monday morning. There I was at 4.30 am schooling Indie, who was a little shocked as you can see from the picture to be up so early but it was an awesome sunrise.

Nerys is trying to get me to bring her out to compete butI’m not quite as brave as Laura who took her out a couple of months ago but I will by the end of the summer.  I’m also keen to take her jumping which is something she just loves.

As lots of horse riders know sometimes we end up in A&E now and again and I’m writing this on the 70th birthday of the NHS.  So I want to say a big thank you NHS! My incident wasn’t really horse related (honestly), but I fell over in the field the other week and woke up to find Indie pony licking my face, and Tia the paddock pony stealing mints out of my pocket. Eek was eating grass and wasn’t really bothered.

I got up and thought mmm how did that happen but dusted myself off. I then tacked up Indie and did some schooling. The next day Eek and I went off with our new Team buddies Neigh for Norfolk to Brampton for our first outing at Team Quest.  As I was driving home later my neck started to really hurt… But as usual you try and ignore it and you sort the pony out, the trailer, the tack gets cleaned and then you think…mmm that hurts a bit. On Monday morning, I went to see a nurse at my GP’s because I really don’t like to waste their time.  Anyway, the appointment ended up with a visit to A&E as they thought I might have fractured my neck. After a really long wait as everyone took a good look, I was told it was not fractured but really bruised. My first question…so is it ok for me to ride tomorrow then? The doctor rolled his eyes and said “you bloody horse types are completely mad!”. I took that as a positive.

Work wise it’s been busy with lots going on and lots happening. I’ve put a few pictures up for you.  As you know, I live in Norfolk and commute to London on a daily basis. I go by train and I’ve been caught up in all the train problems since the timetable changes on 20th May. I for one hope that they sort the problems out soon because standing all the way from King’s Cross to Downham Market after a 10 hour shift at work is just not fun…

I’ve also had my saddle checked as I was sure it was a little lopsided.  I’m so fascinated in saddle fitting and would dearly love to finish my qualifications and perhaps I might be able to in the autumn.  I was right my saddle was slightly squishy on one side; the interesting fact was that Eek was absolutely perfect when we checked her – equal on both sides woohoo!

Enjoy the summer and have fun with your ponies.

by Steffi de Bootman


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