If you loved the blog post, then share the love

There are many dedicated equestrian and countryside bloggers who write some interesting and helpful posts. Perhaps you read these posts just in passing through social media pages, take the tips from the post and then move on. However, if you have learnt something or even saved time and money from the bloggers wise advice, wouldn’t it be nice to tell them so?


It takes time and thought to write blog posts these days, so to have some recognition that someone has stopped by at your blog, read the content and enjoyed it will make any bloggers day! Next time you have genuinely enjoyed a bloggers post, then make sure you tell them. Here are some top reasons as to why:


1 Take a Moment to Comment

If the post has resonated with you, then make sure you tell the blogger why. Take time to explain why you liked the post and if it helped you out and in what way. To add your input to the topic and explain why the post has made you want to comment all adds value to why we blog in the first place!


2 Don’t Spam the Comment Box

It is courteous to not use the comment box on other people’s blogs using backlinks to your blog and then make it all about you! If you think that one of your posts would help in the points raised in the blog, then mention you have written about this in the past and mention your blog as a title only, which they can search and come along. You can also use this to your advantage by perhaps suggesting to the blog owner in providing a Guest Post which can then get your point and your blog across to the viewers.


3 Be Courteous and Polite

Healthy debate is a good thing and if you have not agreed with the post for any reason, you can place your view in the comments. However, being rude or bordering nasty will not achieve anything despite how strongly you feel about the view point. Remember the blog owner can delete your comment or worse still mark you as a spammer.


4 Check your Spelling!

Make sure when you have taken the time to comment that your spelling is tip top and your grammar is correct. If you want your point to come across, then if it poorly written then sadly it may not be taken seriously or worse still it will be pointed out to you. Sometimes writing in haste as you want to get your point across quickly invites spelling mistakes – we all do it. Take time to double check your reply before pressing send.


5 Share the Post

If you love the post you have read or you know it will help others particularly in the equestrian industry, then share it! This also invites more people to get involved in the discussion and share their view point or advice. It will also show the blogger that you liked their article and that you cared about it. This is a great way to make friends and network within the industry and make quality contacts.


So, share the love and make at least one blogger's day. Remember social media is called social for a reason!


Written by Samantha Hobden http://www.hay-net.co.uk