The Great Welly Boot Debate!

Boots....I live in them. However they are one item that I struggle to make them last without splitting a seam or springing a leak. I have bought every brand nearly that is out there and the life span is about 12 months before a defect appears. As my dear old dad used to say "they certainly don't make them like they used to!"


If you live in the countryside like me, wellie boots are a must. I use them for dog walking, working on my horses yard and gardening. A good pair of wellies is like well fitting bra or a quality cut pair of jeans. However trying to find boots that withstand the hard graft of country life seems to be something I particular struggle with. I won't start naming brands but I have bought wellies and riding boots from the cheap to the ridiculous. 


Put me in a country show in the summer and I am the market holders dream - I love buying boots! The top country wear brands lure me in to their stalls. If an offer of some free leather conditioner or a boot bag - I'm sold. I dread to think how much I have spent over the years on wellies and riding boots. Sadly there is not one brand or style of boot that I can say have been fantastic, worth their money and a Which Boot buy! 


So with yet another pair of wellies that have spring a leak, I would love to know "What's Your Welly"! Let me know what you wear and why. How long have you had them, how much did you pay for them and have they lasted the countryside test of wearing around horses and the yard, dog walking and in the garden. I am so interested to see what brands you like and why - so let your boots do the talking!