Victoria Brant - Diary of a Wimpy Eventer

It felt like overnight, I went from setting my sights on Badminton to coming out in a cold sweat at the thought of doing up the girth.  After 20 years of riding, I had completely lost my confidence.

Late 2016 I got my act together - we decided it was all or nothing and 'all' is the only option from now on. Fueled by friends and port, we did our first BE 80 event at Littleton coming 5th and stepped up to 90 at Aston Le Walls, did a few hunter trials, show jumping and ended a very short season full of joy and excitement (and sheer terror). 

2017 is our year. We will complete our first ever BE season with 20+ events penciled in the calendar. I do hope you enjoy following my woes of trying to claw back the shreds of my dignity and self-confidence whilst I try my hardest to keep the staining of undergarments to a minimum!!!