With so many small equestrian businesses that are out there, Haynet is showcasing these companies and the hard working people behind them. The equestrian and countryside industry is tough and competition is high. However, it is a thriving industry with many small businesses opening every month.

Haynet is giving a small rural business one week on Haynet to showcase their company and what service they provide. You will find out about the person behind the brand, what service or products they have to offer even giving Haynet some generous discounts with them! We will also find out what their hopes are for the future within equestrian and countryside business, championing their enthusiasm for the products or services they provide.

So please come and follow this series on Haynet and show support for these unsung businesses that are making their way in the equestrian and countryside industry. You never know if this is something you are thinking about delving into, it may give you the inspiration you need to start your very own equestrian or countryside business!

Behind the Brand by Tara Punter

Life as a PR is great. It really is. I couldn’t love it more and feel so incredibly lucky to call it my career. Helping businesses be seen by the public and the media is so rewarding. Many businesses, particularly small or start-ups, don’t have a huge budget for PR so I really do my utmost to ensure their available expenditure is used efficiently and effectively. There are many perks to PR and journalism and I’m lucky to attend some superb events, work with great businesses and riders and try great products. Yet it’s not all so fun and glamorous. Being in sole charge of the publics perception of companies requires constant attention and my mind is always on the job. I check my phone far too much, I check social media far too much and I respond too emails and client requests much later than most people actually consider acceptable to work. But I feel it pays off. The testimonials I receive and the successes that businesses achieve upon working together really makes it all so worth it. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. And all this is planned from the saddle. 




Don’t forget to take advantage of my Haynet readers offer - all new businesses get 20% any written work, whether that be a press release for a new product, some updated website copy or an article for your magazine. Just quote HAYNET when you email to use this offer.  


Please visit: https://www.tarapunterpr.co.uk/

Goals for Business by Tara Punter

Where do I want to go with the business? Worldwide! A lot of the work I do is journalism, whether that’s from the comfort of my office or from the press area at an event. I’ve covered most of the top events across the UK but I’d really love to travel to some events internationally. I visited Kentucky a few years ago with as part of my Degree (lucky, I know!) and was lucky enough to go to the home of the Kentucky Derby as well as Kentucky Horse Trials. That’s the ultimate goal - watch this space! 2018 will be the year! I’m actually honeymooning across America, I wonder if there are any events on in June I could get to (best not tell the fiancee this yet though!) 


In terms of goals closer to home, I just want to continue helping equestrian and rural businesses with their PR. Helping them get more clients, more sales and more publicity. 


Don’t forget to take advantage of my Haynet readers offer - all new businesses get 20% any written work, whether that be a press release for a new product, some updated website copy or an article for your magazine. Just quote HAYNET when you email to use this offer. 


Please visit: https://www.tarapunterpr.co.uk/

Could a press release help you? by Tara Punter

A press release is one of the most cost-efficient and effective ways to get your brand, product or service seen by the people that matter, your potential clients. But how can it help you? If you’ve got a new brand or product that needs shouting about, then a press release is the way to go. People are generally interested in new-ness. Whether that’s a new service, product or brand, they’re likely to want to read and learn more about it as their intrigue get the better of them. It makes for a talking point at the yard, with their friends and across many social platforms. You’ve got one chance to launch a new product – make it a good one. 


In having a press release produced by TP PR, the whole process is effortless and handled to ensure you minimum stress. I’ll start by researching the product or brand based on what’s on your website/social media and will generally only need to ask a couple of more specific questions. Once produced, it will be sent to you for any edits or confirmation. Once you’ve approved, I send out to the industry publications along with some good quality images (high res preferred). Some publications will want a follow up interview, may offer an article or suggest a feature that would suit you. I handle all of this, passing your details on as you wish. All for just £75… That's before the HAYNET 20% discount which continues to run for the duration of May. All that for £60! Can you afford not to?


Email: tara@tarapunterpr.co.uk 

Please also visit: https://www.tarapunterpr.co.uk/

So what is PR? by Tara Punter

PR isn’t just about big marketing campaigns for big companies with big budgets… 


Many businesses are slightly put off by the thought of outsourcing to a PR company due to the misconception that it is so expensive, a misconception that even I had before I started researching. I ensure there are a number of options to suit different companies and different budgets and am always happy to produce a bespoke package for a client. One of the major parts of my role is the production of a press release; these are a great way for new businesses or businesses with new products to be featured in the media. Therefore, I understand that if my target audience is primarily new businesses then they may not have a large budget for PR/Marketing/Advertising. My press release package is just £75 - this includes the initial consultation (usually done by email or Skype), the writing and any edits of the document and the sending out to all of the equestrian media.I also handle any correspondence with editors and publishers after the release has been sent out, at no additional cost. 



I really pride myself on helping businesses be seen by their potential clients in the right light. Getting coverage in the media isn’t always easy and I do love seeing a press release or article published that I’ve produced for a new client, a client that may not have known how to shout about themselves, or had the confidence to try. It’s just so rewarding. One of my proudest moments to date from my PR point of view was after writing a press release for a new business, I contacted the director to see how things were going since the release was published. He told me “we’ve ran out of product and I now have a 3 part feature in a leading magazine all thanks to the press release.” I was over the moon. My proudest moment as a journalist has to have been getting a joint filmed interview with Charlotte Dujardin and Carl Hester at Hartpury, their last stop before they headed out to Rio.  


For a limited time only, I’d love to offer all Haynet readers 20% off (ends 31st May 2017) - this applies to all written services currently listed at Tara Punter PR including press releases, all articles, website copy and blogs!


For more information on how a press release works, keep an eye out for tomorrows blog!


Please contact Tara by email: tara@tarapunterpr.co.uk

Business Showcase: Introducing Tara Punter PR

Hi Haynet! I’m Tara and I run Tara Punter PR, a specialist equestrian and rural PR company from the gorgeous Cotswolds. I live with my fiancee in a beautiful village with my gorgeous exracehorse Ollie (racing name Theophrastus) just 5 minutes away. I’ve been horsey for all of my 28 years and graduated from the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester 4 years ago, having completed an Equine & Agricultural Business Management Degree. I always knew I wanted to have a career involved with horses, (without the mucking out and cold wet days!) yet had no idea what to do!


Through a chance meeting and a spot of luck, I found myself working as an equine journalist (nearly 2 years ago now) - the first event I covered was the Hickstead Derby meeting - I can’t express how lucky I felt, and in fact, still feel, to be paid to watch horses and interview riders. It’s fantastic. From there, I started doing social media and website management for a number of companies as well as helping them with all press and media matters. I then launched the business last October when I had a lightbulb moment and realised all that I was doing for my current clients, on a freelance basis, was PR! I chose to specialise in equestrian and rural businesses as this is what I know and love. I understand the rural lifestyle as well as rural fashion and sport, an essential  requirement if working with rural businesses. My knowledge of the equine industry is also varied; as my involvement with it spans for so long, I’ve certainly picked up an awful lot, giving myself lots to draw on for articles, interviews and inspiration.


The inspiration for my business is helped along with Ollie. My morning ride is my sanctuary, my quiet time. It’s the only time I have where I’m not on social media, on the phone, responding to emails or on a laptop! So I embrace it - as my mind relaxes and I take in the beautiful scenery and farmland, my subconscious thinks of marketing campaigns, blogs to make and tweets to shout about. It really is PR From The Saddle… 


Please come and visit: https://www.tarapunterpr.co.uk/

EvoEquine’s Small Business Secrets

Running a small business is no mean feat. It’s ‘sold’ as this wonderful dream; no boss to report to, holiday time whenever you want it, unlimited earning potential and permission to stay in your pyjamas until at least lunch time (most days). As much as those are very real benefits, the reality however is not always so idyllic.


With no set hours and customers wanting answers around the clock days are long but somehow still go by so fast! Not having a boss to report to is fantastic most days but it does get lonely and with nobody else to bounce ideas off or to deal with the inevitable angry customer. As for days off – an hour off would be nice!  But fear not, it needn’t be all doom and gloom on this wonderful journey to small business success.  (I’ve not really sold it so far have I?) There are ways for small business owners to ‘hack’ the system, save cash, save time and make friends.

1) Social Media – Oh boy is this a biggie! EvoEquine is on, wait for it… Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Pinterest, Snapchat, VK and Google+ .  That in itself is a full time job and whilst it’s great to get in touch with customers so quickly it can be difficult to keep up. Personally I have found the best social media hack to be hootsuite. Now I’m not talking about scheduling 100 posts a week, 6 weeks in advance but rather use it to help plan your day and week and always, always make sure that you’re around to respond to your scheduled posts. For example, if you’ve scheduled posts on twitter for the evening, be there! Use it as a tool to get organised, not a tool to be lazy. Social media needs to be social and it’s no good posting and running.

2) Google – Now this might sound like a bit of an obvious one but believe me the amount of times I’ve been stuck searching for ideas in my own head to get nowhere is unreal. Not sure what to post on social media? Need inspiration? Not sure what to blog about next? There are thousands of lists, blogs and articles online helping to inspire you. Most of the time whilst searching for help and ideas I won’t come away what I’m looking for but an article or image has sparked an idea for me to do something even better.

3) Canva – Oh gosh my love for Canva is strong! It’s a fantastic website/ app that allows you to create awesome graphics quickly, easily and more importantly for free! It comes with a set of pre-loaded templates in the right shape for various applications, facebook banners, postcards etc.  If you want a stock image this is usually charged at $1 per image but uploading your own images to manipulate is also free. I love Canva, I really do! If you haven’t tried it yet whether you’re running a business or not I highly recommend it.

4) Sponsored Riders/ Brand Ambassadors – This may sound like an odd one but the right sponsored riders/ brand ambassador(s) can have a hugely positive effect on business. Conversely the wrong person can have a disastrous effect. The right brand ambassador can help you with social media exposure, be a great sound board for ideas and provide honest feedback. Finding the right Brand Ambassador make take a while but taking the time to get it right can be a benefit to both parties.

5) Small Business Groups – These really are invaluable! Sitting at home/ in the office squirreling away running a business can get awfully lonely and inspiration can soon dry up. There are however a few small businesses groups out there that save the day and provide a huge amounts of value and some really great connections. I never would have imagined that upon starting my small business journey last year I would have already met and worked with some really brilliant people. I honestly couldn’t have done it without the help and support of an amazing little Facebook group called Small and Super Charged. Hosted by the Lovely Rhea Freeman PR, this group in particular has been invaluable for my business. For a start, I wouldn’t have had this brilliant blogging opportunity without it! So whatever your niche, your thing or your aims, get in touch with likeminded individuals, whether it be a local group in your area meeting in person, a Twitter hour or Facebook group. Never underestimate the power of networking and most importantly, don’t forget to give back and contribute whenever you can. As with anything in life, you’ll get out what you put in.

In conclusion folks, whether you’re already running your small business, have interest in running one or simply want to know what it takes, know that when there’s a will there’s a way and with enough fire, passion and determination, anything is possible!

Thanks for reading and I do hope that’s helped a few of you whether it be running your business or personally. Don’t forget you can keep up with EvoEquine on the social media channels below to see how these hacks have really been put into action and claim your Haynet readers discount by using code HAYNET for 15% off anything at www.EvoEquine.co.uk


Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/EvoEquine/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/Evo_Equine

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/evoequine/

Pinterest - https://uk.pinterest.com/evoequine/

Snapchat - http://www.evoequine.co.uk/snapchat.html

So you want Sponsorship? by EvoEquine

So you’re a rider with a horse or team of horses you compete on. You’re out most weeks at your chosen discipline and spend a lot of time preparing for events. With so much hard work and preparation going into events it’s understandable that you may be seeking sponsorship to help with the load financially or even to keep your team up to date with the latest kit.

With so many sponsorship requests coming in to EvoEquine each week I think it’s fair to say I’ve seen my fair share of ways of how to seek sponsorship  and more importantly, how not to!

Here’s a rundown of a few do’s and don’ts if you’re looking for sponsorship this season.

Do your research.  What does the company do, why do they do it and what do they sell? It’s not good seeking sponsorship of a company you know nothing about.


Don’t copy and paste. It really is no good copy and pasting the same email to multiple companies. It’s incredibly obvious and looks lazy.


Follow up with a phone call. If your preferred method of initial contact is by email (It’s the one EvoEquine gets most often) then be sure to follow up with an email to show that you’re serious.


Provide stats. In these modern times more and more companies are looking for help with social media exposure, providing statistics of your social media accounts is hugely beneficial.


Check your spelling and grammar. There really is nothing more off putting than terrible spelling and grammar.


Pictures. A few images is always beneficial to show of your horse or pony to a potential sponsor.


Why you? Make sure you make it clear why you’re the right person to be sponsored. What can you bring to the team? What makes you different?


Why that company? With so many emails received each day it’s sometimes nice to know why somebody wants to be on the team. What is it about our company that makes you want to be part of it for example.   

Promises. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. It’s no good saying that you’ll post to instagram 10 times a week if in reality you can only post once or twice. Neither is better or worse than the other, just be honest.


Finally… Be human and remember the person you are reaching out to is too. Build up a relationship and take the time to check in with how your application is going. If you’ve been asked to provide information make sure you do so with a certain enthusiasm. It’s most disheartening to receive a lengthy email about a fantastic  rider to only receive a 1 line answer when further enquiries are made.


These are just a few tips I’ve come up with to provide you with the best chances of finding sponsorship. Although a company may not be advertising for a sponsor it doesn’t mean that they may not be quietly looking so dust of the laptop, do your research and get going!  But remember, don’t spam!

Want to keep up with EvoEquine? Why not check out the links below!


Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/EvoEquine/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/Evo_Equine

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/evoequine/

Pinterest - https://uk.pinterest.com/evoequine/

Snapchat - http://www.evoequine.co.uk/snapchat.html

Website – www.EvoEquine.co.uk

EvoEquine - An Introduction To This Week's Business Showcase

Hello Haynet! It’s fantastic to be here if a little daunting to be joining such a brilliant stage with some great bloggers. Having attempted blogging with little success in the past this really is an in at the deep end moment and one I’m truly grateful for. So please do bear with me as I navigate the ins and outs of this fascinating world. So, who am I? Well the basics... I’m Alicia from EvoEquine Ltd. I’m 23, live in the glorious Cotswolds with my boyfriend and have a large four-legged furry beast of a horse called Thomas. In very spare moments of free time we enjoy a good bit of happy hacking and generally bumbling around the countryside, all be it usually sideways and with a healthy buck or two but who needs to take life too easy anyway? Doh!


In my not so free time however I can usually be found behind the laptop, at the post office or at various other locations running EvoEquine Ltd. Now in the interest of full disclosure I’m also still working a day job, ughh. Whilst I can’t complain about the steady income and life lessons I’ve learnt over the four years of working in Human Resources, it’s just not my calling in life. If we don’t try these things however how do we know? The good news though is on the 28th April I work my last full time day as a Human Resources Advisor and thus EvoEquine becomes full time. To say I am terrified would be an understatement but after running EvoEquine as a side hustle January 2016 it’s about time it was given some priority!


I’ve met some truly wonderful people these last few months and I honestly never knew the Equestrian Industry could be so generous, forgiving and kind! Something that really isn’t said enough. Having worked in the industry as a groom and rider for many years both in the UK and abroad I never anticipated that the transition back would be so easy.

In the past 14 months EvoEquine has gone from strength to strength having grown its product line from the Original Breathe Easy Bridle to an additional bridle and the exciting Rainbow Gloss Collection. Over the next twelve months there are plans to expand the bridle range and even bring entirely new product to the market. I can’t say too much but I can say it involves a 3D Printer and a lot of creativity!

I hope that gives a brief introduction to myself and EvoEquine! I really am looking forward to this week of blogging and sharing some business insight, the best bits of social media and even some know how.

If you wanted to keep up with EvoEquine you can do so be following us on the social media pages below.

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/EvoEquine/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/Evo_Equine

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/evoequine/

Pinterest - https://uk.pinterest.com/evoequine/

Snapchat - http://www.evoequine.co.uk/snapchat.html


Before I sign off however I just wanted to let you know that a discount code has been set up just for Haynet readers. You can use code HAYNET to get 15% off all products on our website for the whole of this week. This includes Bridles,  accessories and our Rainbow Gloss Collection!

Thank you Haynet and I look forward to the rest of the week and getting to know some of you more.





5 Top Tips for Photographing Your Own Horse by Sophie Callahan

I hope you're all enjoying your long weekend and have plenty of chocolate to keep you busy over Easter. 
Today I've got a five top tips for you, for photographing your own horses. 

You can use the following tips with any level of equipment or experience. 

Whether you're trying to snap a quick iphone picture for Instagram or Snapchat, get images of a horse for sale, or you're a budding photographer yourself, these tips should give you a good start.

1. Ears Up!
Every horsey person knows that a good equine photo will have the horse's ears forward, so a good tip for this is to get a plastic bag, a bottle filled with stones or simply a feed bucket with a handful of nuts in, to attract maximum attention.  Have someone stand behind you, shaking, rattling or rustling and you should get those ears forward with no problem. 

2. Step Back
One of the biggest mistakes people make when photographing their horses is being too close to them. This distorts them and makes them appear out of proportion and badly put together. Step back a few paces and you'll find you'll get much better results. 


3. Stand Yourself at The Horse's Shoulder
The most flattering angle to photograph a horse is to stand facing their shoulder and also lower yourself to be level with the shoulder. 

4. Watch Your Background
Try and make sure your background is fairly simple and clear. Make sure there aren't any unsightly muck-heaps, machinery or other unwanted features behind your horse and also be aware of items 'growing' out of your horses head. The simpler, the better. Even walls, hedges or doorways can be good options.

5. Stand Square
Make sure your horse is standing as square and evenly as possible, to ensure they don't appear to have poor confirmation. This is especially important if you are taking photographs for advertising purposes.


For more information, please visit: http://www.sophiecallahanphotography.com/

How I Became an Equine Photographer by Sophie Callahan

Good morning guys. It's day three of the Haynet Business Showcase and I want to thank you for all the support you've shown it so far.

Today I wanted to share with you, how I became an equine photographer.

It's a topic that comes up a lot and a question I get asked frequently. And I figured if there are any aspiring equine photographers out there, reading this, you may be interested in reading about my journey.

Firstly, I think it's important to remember that everybody's story will be entirely different. There is no definitive, mapped out route to success, in a creative industry like photography, which is definitely a positive thing, because it means that is also no 'wrong' way.

I started taking photographs when I was at university, at Writtle College, studying for my degree in Equine Studies and Stud Management. I had no idea what I wanted to do, but I always knew I'd probably end up working with horses, as it's the only thing I've ever really been truly passionate about.

I actually suffered a nasty fall, lost a lot of confidence and ended up going to shows with a camera, more frequently than with a pony. I started taking photographs of my friends on their horses, out on cross country courses and at events and there began my newest addiction...

I've always been fairly creative, with art and English being two of the only subjects I enjoyed at school, and I'd taken art at A Level, but had just never really explored photography.

Friends and family (although perhaps slightly biased at the time, because I wasn't great) started telling me that they liked my images and it was on a family holiday in Mexico that my Dad said to me 'Sophie, what do you want to do when you graduate? You need to start thinking about it.' So, I told him that I was really enjoying learning about photography and that I might be interested in exploring a career as a photographer. And his answer, as is typical of my Dad and his 'can do' attitude, was 'Ok, so that's what we'll do. We'll make that happen.'

So, I actually started my event photography company whilst I was still at uni. I photographed events at Writtle, aswell as other local horse shows, black tie evenings, football tournaments and all kinds of other weird and wonderful events.

When I left uni, I continued to build my event photography business and my Dad noticed the potential in it. Now, let me begin by stating that whilst my Dad is an incredible business man, he is NOT a photographer and he is NOT horsey.

However, he decided that he wanted in on what I was building. And together we created Big Image, which we turned into a national event photography franchise. In the space of about a year and a half, we had twelve franchisees all across the UK and Ireland and were photographing national events, such as Best Ever Parties, Sports Tours and the United Dance Organisation.

At first, it was new and exciting and I loved it. But after a while, photographing another football tournament and dealing with franchisees became tedious. It was veering so far away from the reason I'd enjoyed photography in the first place... For it's creativity and artistic expression. Photographing events was more a case of just photographing whatever was in front of your lens and selling it quickly, onsight, for cheap prices. There was no making it beautiful in photoshop, or playing with light and location... I felt disheartened and unfulfilled.

In the meantime, I'd been closely following a few equine photographers, such as the very talented Emily Hancock and absolutely loved what they were doing. I religiously checked their pages for their next set of images and felt like I'd gone wrong somewhere... I was sitting here editing thousands of football photographers, whilst they were photographing beautiful ponies, in stunning countryside locations.

So, I decided that I could probably do some equine photoshoots on the side, to quell my creative needs, get my horsey fix, and still make the bulk of my living from the lucrative events we were photographing.

I put the idea to my Dad and he was sceptical, to say the least. He couldn't see how it'd work. He didn't understand why people would want pictures of their horses, let alone spend good money on it. But I suggested that it would just be something I'd enjoy and if it didn't work, I'd lost nothing.

So, I put a post out on Facebook and recruited some of my horsey friends (and their friends) to model for me. And I started exploring equine photography.

Once I had a few images, I set myself up a Facebook page, put a logo together very quickly and I started posting the photos. I tagged my friends and they shared it on their pages. And, suddenly, I had enquiries coming in.

I knew I needed to build my portfolio, if I was to prove my worth, so I decided to put out model call, asking for people to let me come and photograph their ponies for free. I was planning to choose ten, to give me a good base to my portfolio.

Well, I was absolutely inundated with volunteers. I ended up choosing ten and then booking multiple other shoots from the people who weren't chosen.

And that was the beginning for me.

After less than a year, we sold the event photography company because I just didn't have the time to dedicate to it. Moreover, I no longer had any motivation for it. As a lifelong horse lover, why would I want to be photographing dance competitions, when I could be photographing horses? It was difficult to find the enthusiasm I'd once had.

My Dad and my other half ran it without me for a while and I dipped in and out of it where I could, but really, as the founder of the business, without me it felt a little pointless. My other half had other opportunities that he wanted to pursue and my Dad has always had more than one thing going on at a time.

And so we all moved on. And I've never looked back. The business continued to grow and grow and I became addicted to building it, to nurturing my social media following and to soaking up everything there was to learn.

To be able to get up every day and do a job you absolutely live and breathe is, in my mind, the highest level of success. I very often pinch myself, because I can't believe how fortunate I am. And I'm so glad that I listened to the voice that told me this was what I was supposed to be doing!


For more information and how to book your equine photoshoot with Sophie with a 20% discount, please visit: http://www.sophiecallahanphotography.com/


20% OFF your equine photoshoot with Sophie Callahan

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I hope your Monday was quick, sunny and painless, and ended with a nice evening hack. I've got a very special post to bring you today.

I'd like to offer you a very exciting 20% OFF of your equine photoshoot, if you book before 17th April!

All you have to do to claim this special offer, exclusive to Haynet readers, is email me at sophiecallahanphotography@gmail.com and let me know that you've come to me through Haynet!


I am currently fully booked until end of July, so am booking shoots for August onwards, but still have lots of spaces left for summer shoots, if you're quick.

Shoot prices start from £70 and a basic individual session can include one person, their immediate family (husband, kids, etc.), dogs and up to five horses. 

Your shoot will take approx. 1-2 hours shoot time, allows for up to three outfits, if you'd like them, full editing and enhancement of all images, a select handful of images on Facebook and my blog, for you to use on social media and one complimentary 8"x12" print of your choice. 

Other images can be purchased separately following the shoot. Product prices start from £30. Travel is free to clients within Essex, or 40p per mile for those in other areas.

And all of the above options can be purchased in the form of a gift voucher, if you know somebody who'd love a shoot with their ponies, for their birthday or other special occasion.

Please get in touch for full photoshoot and product price lists or to discuss your shoot. 


For more information then please visit: http://www.sophiecallahanphotography.com/

Sophie Callahan Photography - An Introduction

Hello everybody! I'm super excited to be the first lucky person to be working alongside Haynet on the Business Showcase feature and I'll be with you all week long!


I thought I'd start by telling you a little about myself and what I do...


My name is Sophie Callahan and I'm a specialist equine photographer. I live in Essex and I work all over the UK, photographing horses and their humans and also working with other small rural businesses, helping create images to strengthen their brand and marketing efforts.


In addition to this, I'm a blogger and vlogger of all things equine and country. I post blog posts multiple times a week and I upload a weekly vlog every Monday. So there's plenty to take a look it if you're feeling nosey and want to find out more.


I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to do the best job in the world. I absolutely love what I do and I think it's this passion that keeps me motivated and excited about every new project. 

On a more personal level, I'm twenty-nine (the big 3-0 is fast approaching) and live with my boyfriend of fourteen years, Sam and our delinquent Cocker Spaniel, Barney, in Chelmsford, Essex. I like milky tea, watching Friends, scrolling through Instagram and going out for dinner.


Sam and I will be getting married in June, so I'm currently juggling planning a wedding with running a business, which is an interesting challenge.


I've had horses in my life since I was just three years old and am currently horseless for the first time. Hopefully this sad situation will be rectified post wedding. 

My passion is for coloured ponies of the cob variety... either hairy or hogged, I love them just the same. But I truly enjoy meeting and photographing such a wide variety of horses. I've photographed all shapes and sizes, from Miniature Horses to Shire stallions, and everything in between. 


I'll be chatting to you later on in the week about some of my all time favourite shoots, so be sure to keep an eye out for that. There are some corkers, including an equestrian stunt team and their movie stars of the horse world, a very well known French horse-whisperer, an Olympic dressage superstar that you might recognise and more.


I'll also be offering a very special photoshoot discount, exclusively for Haynet readers, so definitely don't miss that!


If you’d like to find out more about me right now, you can follow me on various social media channels, at the links below…


Website: http://www.sophiecallahanphotography.com/

Blog: http://www.sophiecallahanblog.com

Vlogs: https://www.youtube.com/sophiecallahanvlogs

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SophieCallahanPhotos/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sophiecallahan/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SophiecCallahan


Pop in and say hi at any of the above links and let me know you found me through Haynet! I’d love to chat and I look forward to bringing you a variety content over the course of the week.