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Happy Horsey and Haynet Reading!
Approaching dressage  from a newcomer’s perspective can be a little daunting. There seems to be so much to learn, so much to understand and some confusion surrounding what judges are looking for in tests. Even experienced riders find it difficult to break out of the 65–70% range in their test marks.

After reading this book you will be able to have a better relationship with your horse, ride more beautiful tests and get higher marks. READ A REVIEW
Highly qualified veterinary surgeon Julian Earl, entertains the reader with a few of his favourite tales and events from his long career, not to mention the most bizarre of all – attending to a cow stuck in a tree! Chapters are littered with anecdotes, hilarious memories, and veterinary stories all told in a lighthearted style with plenty of examples and practical advice on what one should try and avoid when working as a veterinary surgeon. James Herriot for the 21st Century. READ A REVIEW
If your dog seems like a mission impossible, relax! This one-stop guide to understanding and curing your dog problems is here to help you on the way to owning a happy, loving dog that you will be pleased to see every morning. This latest book draws on a lifetime’s experience of solving dog difficulties – most of which Janet Menzies admits to have experienced personally at one time or another!  So whether it is a simple problem of pulling on the lead, or the more complex issue of canine aggression, Psycho Dog has the solution.
Hilarious cartoons on Fergus – the charmingly imperfect 'everyman's horse' created by artist Jean Abernethy. With Fergu's familiarity may woo us, it is most likely his expressiveness, honesty, charm, and of course that keen sense of humor that wins our hearts. Now, in recognition of Fergus’ growing fan club, Abernethy has brought together the backstory of Fergus the Horse—how he came to be, his early years, the history of his “friends” and support characters—and combined them with his “greatest hits,” including the most-loved comic strips and cartoon moments, some rarely seen sketches, and brand new additions created exclusively for this book. The result is a lively, colorful, highly illustrated treasury that will entertain anyone with an eye for a horse and a need for a laugh! READ A REVIEW