Cat Tales Edited by Tom Quinn

Love Cats? Then you can’t help but love this book.


Editor Tom Quinn is an author of many books mostly about the countryside, fishing and walking. He is perhaps best known as the author of Backstairs Billy the Queen Mother’s favourite Page, William Tallon.


This delightful book features an incredible selection of stories, drawn from books, newspapers and magazines from all over the world and dating back over 200 years and chronicles our love of our fireside companion, the cat.


Far from being mere mousers, cats clearly hold a very dear place in our hearts and minds and their cool demeanor has fascinated generations.


There are some incredible stores of cat’s friendships with an assortment of strange companions from birds to frogs as well as detailing their fascinating personality traits, learning how to get the better of mere humans.


Some of the more incredible stories detail a cat who learned to ring the door-bell when he wanted to be let indoors. There is also an amazing story of a cat who, not only had to catch a boat across the sea to get home, but incredibly knew which boat to catch!


This hugely entertaining book is one that can be dipped into at will and is beautifully illustrated by Nicola L. Robinson. It really is the perfect stocking filler for Christmas and ought to be on everyone’s wish list. 


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