Legend, A True Story by Elizabeth Spencer – A Review

I imagine we all have a favourite era, whether that be Medieval or Victorian times and mine is the Second World War years. I don’t know why but reading how our ancestors managed through those very difficult times has always fascinated me. So when I was given the opportunity to read and review Legend, this book ticked two big loves of mine: horses and ponies and the 1940’s era.


Legend A True Story by Elizabeth Spencer (Lady Kitson) is a delightful and charming true story about the authors childhood, learning to ride through the war years in deepest Devon.  Her earliest memories are documented down in innocence and honesty of how she perceived life through her child’s eyes and her introduction to ponies through her grandparents.


In meeting Legend, a birthday gift from her Granny on the condition she could ride him without falling off, Elizabeth soon falls for the charms of this super pony and a winning relationship is set in stone. There are ups and downs which riding ponies brings, and lovely little stories and andenotes of what the pair get up too. I loved the charm of the countryside that the authors writes naturally about and it is a lovely reminder, even through the ravages of war how beautiful and simple life in the country was back then.


When Legend and Elizabeth qualify for the Royal International Horse Show in London, the book takes you back and reminds you how transportation and leading a pony through the streets of London, would be unheard of in modern day. This was one of many of the adventures that the pair get up to!


The book ends half way with the end of Legends story told by Elizabeth, but you turn the page and this super story is continued from Legends perspective, which is a different touch to a book which I enjoyed.


The book is illustrated beautifully by Lady Kitson with delightful colour drawings of the ponies from her childhood, but in particular Legend. I also thought the images really helped you go back to the time with drawings of the farm, it’s animals and countryside.


Legend, A True Story is written without complication and it is a very straightforward read, which is great for all ages. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this book to an eight year up to eighty-year-old and beyond. It is a charming read.


by Samantha Hobden


Published by Forelock Books

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