Psycho Dog - A Review

Psycho Dog by Janet Menzies Published by Quiller


My partner, on sight of Janet Menzies Psycho Dog asked if my beloved Border Collie had written her autobiography. In reality as a non-doggie person, said partner does not understand that dogs do not possess logic like humans and that they are very definitely not small human beings in fur coats whose sole purpose in life is to drive everyone demented.


I devoured this book – figuratively not literally – I leave that to the dogs. Janet Menzies certainly knows her stuff and writes with great sense and a delightful sense of humour. Dogs are dogs – they do not misbehave out of spite, they are just being dogs. The book details a wide range of problems, their probably causes and how to deal with them.


The book is broken down into sections:-


Endearing (mostly) such as jumping up or being timid.

Irritating such as pulling when on the lead or running off.

Social such as barking and chewing or exhibiting toilet issues.

Health problems such as car sickness or weight gain and loss.

Serious such as aggression and chasing


Each section is further broken down with great anecdotes and wise advice. The text, which can be dipped into to solve the various issues teaches humans how to be kind, responsible, reliable and trustworthy pack leaders. Dogs are not human and do not possess our powers of reasoning, they can be dangerous if not treated with respect and, more importantly, know their place amongst the hierarchy of the family. However, they do possess traits that we recognize such as being needy, or slightly dim-witted.


With more and more large very active dogs becoming increasingly popular there is a very useful, if quite sobering, chapter on how to deal with a dog attack, both to save your own skin and that of someone who is being attacked.


The book can be used as a workbook, with assessments to fill in to see just how psycho your dog is and offers comprehensive advice on how to deal with the issues. It also challenges the dog owner to look at their situation and the home they have given the dog and see if it really is a suitable environment for them. Is it really fair to keep a large dog who is by nature designed to run in harsh environments for hours on end, in a small inner city apartment alone all day and then wonder why is displays habits the owner does not like.  


Read as a whole you will pick up valuable insights into the world of the animal who probably shares more of our lives than any other. This is a super book, written by someone who clearly understands dogs and enjoys imparting this knowledge with her readers.


Review by Jacqui Broderick of Lavender & White Publishing


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