The Total Dog Manual: A Review By Samantha Wong

As a dog lover and owner of one very cheeky pug, I jumped at the chance to review the Total Dog Manual. Despite being called a manual, it is a very easy to read book which is split into sections which makes it particularly easy to dip in and out of, especially if you don’t have the time to sit down and read the book in one sitting. I also like the fact that there are plenty of photos of a wide range of dogs, which I think would appeal to young readers and ensure the whole family would have the opportunity to make a well informed decision on getting a dog as a pet.


The book is split nicely into basics, behaviour, training and care to ensure both first time dog owners and experienced dog owners get a good knowledge of all things related to owning a dog. I particularly like the little section on breeds that are suited to running and list of potential names for your new addition to your family if you are stuck for ideas (my favourites include Baudelaire and Sesame!) The book goes through all aspects to consider before getting a dog, and also what to do once the dog is home. I think it’s great there is a troubleshoot section on things such as separation anxiety, digging and barking, as well how to introduce basic commands such as sit and down, to help first time dog owners get started. The book also highlights the care side of owning dog, such as flea and worm treatment and nail trimming, which is an important part of having a pet dog and which many books often leave out. I did find the book contained a lot of American terminology, such as leash rather than lead, and martingale instead of half check collar, but the information and detail it goes into more than makes up for it. I also like the fact that the book delves into caring for your elderly dog and what to do when the time comes to make that final decision. It makes the book ideal to refer to during the lifetime of your dog and the potential issues you may encounter, from toilet training a puppy to dealing with grief when your dog passes away.


The Total Dog Manual is ideal for anyone considering taking on a dog as a pet and wants a book that covers all aspects of dog ownership. It even talks about how to take the perfect picture of your pooch and also canine couture, outfits for your dog! However, the manual also stresses the importance that your dog’s comfort in these outfits and this should not compromise on their well being, which is the key theme throughout the book, making it an ideal resource for dog owners.


by Haynet member Samantha Wong


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