Road To The Regalia by Rachael Eliker: A Review

This is the second book in the Nadia and Winny series, aimed at young adults and follows on from the first in the series, Heading for the Win.


It is every girl’s dream, being plucked from a lowly beginning as a groom to be taken under the wing of a top trainer and given a brilliant horse. Nadia Wells and her horse, Winny, have rocketed up the ranks of eventing and are ready to appear in their first internationally rated four star show at the Regalia Horse Park.


In the first book of the series, Headed for the Win, Nadia and Winny switch places at an event at Gallant Meadows, in a unique take on the roles of horse and rider. The two have to learn how to cope with their new roles, giving the reader a unique take on the world of eventing.


In Road to the Regalia the story is taken up again. Nadia and Winny are now at their first internationally rated show, where the pair hope to attract the eyes of Olympic scouts for the team the following year.  Apart from shining at the event Nadia also has to try and keep her long-time boyfriend Mike safe from an ex-girlfriend’s advances while trying to fend off suitors of her own.


Even though they are novices competing at the most advanced level of the sport, Nadia and Winny are focused on winning, but they’re taken by surprise when the morning after the opening gala, they wake up in each other’s bodies.


While struggling yet again master their reversed roles, at such a high level of competition Winny has to face her own demons once she discovers Gloria, her former abusive owner, is also competing and not only that but someone is determined to stop at nothing to sabotage the elite riders.


Winny’s former owner is a wonderfully drawn villain. The rivalry between her and Nadia is delicious and sets the scene perfectly for the next in this gripping series.


The riding and eventing scenes are true to life and full of action. The story fairly gallops along and the horse and rider switching places gives a unique and thought provoking twist on the relationship between the two, especially during competition.


Eliker brings the world of eventing truly to life. I didn’t want this book to end and can’t wait for the next in the series.


Written by Jacqui Broderick from Lavender & White Publishing


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