Natural Feeding for Horses - A Review

Natural Feeding for Horses by Alexandra Wesker MSc


Haynet member Vanessa Hill recently volunteered to read Natural Feeding For Horses and give us her thoughts on this book written by Alexandra Wesker. Here is Vanessa's review:


I was given a copy of this book to review, and am really glad I have read it.


It is really well written, with chapters on the Equine Digestive system, dentition and also psychology, covering stereotypic behaviour, due to unnatural environments and husbandry.


It covers the reasons for Natural feeding, what roughage is best for horses and gives really good examples.


There is a chapter on different grass species, which having a degree in Agriculture, I found interesting, it also covers herbs for horses.


There is a good guide on how to work out a Natural Feeding level for your horse, factoring in such things as body weight, activity level, breed and temperament, even the riders weight, and there are several really easy to follow examples.


Since reading this book, I have taken my "fizzy" part bred Arab off all hard feed apart from a small scoop of Speedi-Beet and added oil, and can see a difference in a week. Both my horses are already kept at grass 24/7 in summer and during the day in winter with hay 3 times a day.


The book confirms what I was always taught as a youngster by my Uncle, who was an old fashioned horseman who used heavy horses for work, most horses can manage perfectly well at grass in summer and with ad-lib hay in winter, with added salt and vitamins and minerals.


We do seem to complicate feeding our horses nowadays, and as an instructor, I got used to seeing people giving their horses big "bucket hard feeds", which they didn't need.


I think this book should be used as an excellent reference book for all Equine students, and it will open people’s minds to keeping their horses more naturally.




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