Heart to Heart with Horses: The Equine Lover's Guide to Reiki: A Review

Heart To Heart With Horses: The Equine Lover's Guide to Reiki

by Kathleen Prasad, published by Animal Reiki Source


What an incredible book. Until I read this I knew very little about Reiki, but a lot about horses. Years ago I had found that when I had un-handled and very nervous ponies to break in that it seemed to make a difference to the relationship if I felt as if I were letting my love flow over the pony. I don’t mean showering them with treats, but just a feeling of love when I handled or groomed them. Before reading this book, I would have never shared that with anyone, it sounds even to me, a cynical soul, utter baloney. Now I realise what I was doing, without knowing it, was Reiki, a healing method that has now been scientifically validated.  


Heart to Heart with Horses is written by one of the world’s leading Reiki teachers, Kathleen Prasad who is President of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association. It is an utterly unique book offering insights into the healing power of the heart.


This book is not just for Reiki practitioners, although it would inspire those who are, it describes the process of connecting with a horse and describes meditations and exercises that can be done with horses. As Kathleen says, “Horses are magnificent intelligent, sentient, wise, and intuitive beings.” How true this is, horses respond to us, try doing anything with them if you are in a temper and you will soon understand this, as the horse will quickly pick up on the negativity flying around you.  Be calm and open and listen to the messages the horse is giving and he will respond allowing you to build on that incredible relationship.


Reiki with horses demonstrates a way to connect peacefully, with mindfulness, focusing on being, rather than doing anything. Case studies illustrate how the five Reiki concepts — leaving anger and worry aside and being humble, honest, and compassionate — can heal both human and horse in deeply reciprocal ways. The text shows not just how to work with horses to heal them, but how we can work on our own personal spiritual journey.  There are chapters which explain healing and the system of Reiki and goes on to discuss how to nurture your horse’s spirit as well as your own.  I particularly enjoyed the chapter on ‘Healing Fear and Finding Courage. There are some wonderful meditations as well as advice for sharing Reiki with your horse. All chapters contain wonderful anecdotes about horses and people who have been helped by this incredible method.


When I started to read, I found a jarring proof reading error in the foreword. However, the book is well written with clear descriptions and lovely photos. What I liked the best were the anecdotes about Kathleen and other practitioners’ experiences. Anyone who owns a horse or who has any connection with them will find this book inspiring as they learn more about the true potential of this incredible relationship.


Review by Jacqui Broderick of Lavender & White Publishing

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