A Bed of Barley Straw: A Review

A Bed of Barley Straw 

by Sam Russell

"You can bury the past, but can you ever forget it? Hettie Redfern has no time for men, for anything but the most vital of needs. She has learnt from past experience. Her career is more rewarding, horses are more trustworthy, and dogs are easier to love.


So when Alexander Melton returns to Draymere Hall, where Hettie manages the stables, she quickly concludes that despite his good looks, his arrogance leaves a lot to be desired. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop Hettie from desiring him, and the attraction is a powerful one.


Proud, judgemental, damaged…for Alexander women are a convenient pleasure to be used and forgotten. So why has he let Hettie Redfern get under his skin? A foolish obsession, given her reputation.


A clash of characters, a physical attraction too strong to resist. History unravelling in a perfect storm of frustrated passion."


Haynet member Emma Leary recently read A Bed of Barley Straw (Draymere Hall Volume 1) and here are her thoughts on the book:


The only disappointment with this book was realising that I had turned the last page.


Personal  history affecting their futures, miss-doings put right, obsession mixed with passion, it’s all here. With characters that seem to jump off the page, from the gorgeous redheaded Hettie , the arrogance of Alexander, the aloofness of Imogen to the pure nastiness and jealousy of Fiona and all the others, and all the horses and dogs,  make  this an enthralling read. The plot is amusing yet sad, with twists and turns in every direction.


I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys drama, romance and animals. Sam has the magic in her words to make you truly believe you are actually there like a fly on the wall watching the story unfold.


Cannot wait for Draymere Hall Volume 2 – A Bed of Brambles!


To purchase your copy, please click HERE Paperback for £8.99 and ebook for £1.99 (ebook free until 18th February 2017!)