Little Alf Series - A Review

Haynet had some younger reviewers that recently read the brilliant books in the Little Alf series. For those who are not familiar with this super little pony, Little Alf is a super, super miniature Shetland due to having dwarfism and is owned by Hannah Russell. Little Alf, who is often found creating mischief, was born on the 1st of April 2012 and has lived since Christmas Eve 2013 behind Hannah’s House in the North Yorkshire Dales


At the young age of 17, Hannah Louise Russell published her first book in 2014, ‘The Magical Adventure Of Little Alf – The discovery of the wild pony….‘. 


The reason why Hannah decided to write a book on Little Alf was because Little Alf is completely different from other miniature Shetlands as he is a mini mini mini Shetland because of his dwarfism, therefore this makes Little Alf super tiny but also super cute!


Hannah and Little Alf have a very special bond and are never found far apart. Through their books, they are helping support the Riding for Disabled Association. They help raise funds for all the amazing work the RDA do. Little Alf brings Hannah great happiness and joy; he also hopes he will to you too!


Our two little twin sister reviewers (who are pony riders themselves) are Natasha and Abigail Whiteman who are aged seven. They recently have been reading the books in the series: Little Alf the Magical Helper, The Magical Adventures of Little Alf Book 1 and 2. We recently asked Natasha, Abigail and their mum what they thought of the books:-


Which book has been your favourite and did you enjoy reading them?

The ancient forest and the discovery of the wild pony. We thought the books were fun and exciting.


Did you find it easy to read about Little Alf?

Emma, the twin’s mums found the text was a good size and the words were clear. Chapters were quite short which one of the girls quite liked and one wished they were longer! They both loved the little pictures and photos that were included.


What was your favourite part of the story?

Both girls really enjoyed the part where they made a trail of carrots so Alf could find his way back to the stable. They also loved when Hannah first rode a horse called Paddy.


Do you think your friends would like to read Little Alf even if they don’t ride ponies?

Yes, definitely!  If you love reading stories about animals then these books are fun, interesting and a joy to read.


Would you like to see more stories about Little Alf?

Absolutely! The girls loved the books very much and enjoyed following Little Alf and his adventures.


Overall these are great books not only for children that are pony mad but all children to read especially those who love animals. The books were appealing especially to the twins age group. They would love to see more books with brightly coloured covers together with more photos of Little Alf!


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