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12 October,2017

A letter to my younger self and 7 tips I’d share by Anne Clarke

Is it because I am turning 40 next year? Or that I am preparing to be a mother to a teenage daughter! Either reason I think writing to my younger self is going to be a useful exercise for me.

So here goes…

It’s weird looking at this picture of my 22 year old self.  At this point, I’d been in business for a year.  Just purchased a house and was just about to meet my husband to be.  I’d also bought my first horse, that I was responsible for (away from my parents).  It felt quite rosy.  But I had no idea how much I had to learn!

I would say to her:

You were right to trust your instincts to make horses a business, it won’t be easy and you will make mistakes along the way.  Just don’t give up.

You will make it your living and it will enable you to reach the goals you really want.  Even if you come close to losing your house due to the unpredictable cash flow of freelancing.

You will work out the difference between those goals which are material.  And those which are life-affirming.  It will turn out that some of your material goals are not your real goals after all.  Because you discover you are not prepared to sacrifice the things you hold dearer.

Its ok not to want a high flying job in London, like your friends.  You will never be able to be passionate about it. Don’t compare, grow your equestrian business. Go out and get more clients. Create a business that will work around a life you enjoy in the countryside, with no commute.

Don’t ever think your business has failed when you take a part-time role in a PR firm. Working with other PR professional’s will add value to your own equestrian clients. They will benefit from extra reach into new sectors, and you will widen your own knowledge. Especially as this thing called social media is emerging onto the scene.


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