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Hannah Arscott
Hannah Arscott

Tonight didn't quite go to plan :( when does anything with horses go to plan?!
Having had 10 days off while I was away visiting family Jack was in need of some serious work this week, I lunged him yesterday and finished work early enough to ride today so I quickly brushed off and tacked up. All was going well and Jack was warming up nicely and then over reached pulling off a front shoe in the process! He pulled up a bit sore so there our ride ended. Farrier is not due til Wednesday so hoping he's nott too sore to ride til then, will see how he's feeling tomorrow

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Opening Meet Report

Opening Meet – 28th October 2014 So today was Opening Meet, and what beautiful weather we had! The sun was shining and temperatures reached 19 degrees – almost felt like we were hunting in the summer! I’ll try my best to give a detailed ...


Thought for the day... Why is it that when the horses are turned out loose and have acres to roam about grazing, that they wait until you start picking weeds out of those same pastures, and only until the weed is picked and loaded into the utility trailer do they decide it looks appetizing and come over and attempt to "steal" them out of trailer causing a big mess and more work. Note: They do this in both ID and AZ and are different herd w same behavior...

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I imagine you have come across in the equestrian media, celebrity and well known riders writing about the trials and tribulations of competing their horses. They are interesting to follow and also it gives us an insight into their lives in the equestrian world.

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