Equestrian Products
Equestrian Products

How many times have you grimaced inwardly as you put your foot into a still damp or wet boot from that time when you lost you footing crossing a stream - or turned the hose on yourself - of just got drenched going to bring your horse in from the waterlogged paddock - or just a gathering of sweat from all the time spent in them - eugh! Well this clever little device will solve all that!
Whether you want to dry out the insides of your boots - or shoes - or just have em warm and toasty on a cold winter's morning - plug this device in - pop into the boot for a half hour whilst you get ready and you will have the lovely feeling of warm and dry feet instantly!

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No such word as carn't

Well, I am now the owner of a Mercedes horsebox, will be picking it up today. However before we use it for the horses, I will be adding a few things into it. A fire extinguisher, a absolute must as far as I am concerned, you can get them for around &pou...

I never shy away from telling you that funny things happen to me quite a bit. An incident this week was no different.

I had picked Boo up from school and I often find it hard between school pick up and the time I make dinner to keep the children amused. We usually just end up walking around the farm. Every day.

I know we are lucky to have a large outdoor space to do this but sometimes, a change is good, isn’t it? Hubster suggested we drive over the fields to parts of the farm we hardly ever go to due to little legs and buggy restrictions. I have a four-wheel-drive car so he told me where to put the four-wheel-drive on and off we went.

Just as we were about to set off though, our farrier turned up, offering to trim the goats’ feet.It was their first time at having their hooves trimmed and I couldn’t say no so we reversed to the goat shed and, despite them being young and nervous, Chocolate and Chip were very well behaved. Read more....